Shakepay: Canada's first Bitcoin & Ether VISA Card!

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If you have BTC to spend but nowhere to spend it: got your back. They can send you a physical VISA card in the mail that you load up with your BTC so you can spend it during your day like normal money!

Additionally they have a service called Shake Blue that lets you buy anything up to $2,000,000 USD with BTC through them. Cars, houses, boats, anything! Just make sure you paid your taxes on your coins before buying a house, otherwise you might get a knock on the door from the tax-man later on.

The world is changing, get in on the financial freedom we all deserve!


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Awesome..Thanks for sharing sir.

great news and post! upvoted

Interesting I'll have to check this out.

This is absolutely awesome news! We need more developments like that.

Very cool 👍

Wow! This is a great new for the crypto community. It fosters creativity in the crypto technology

Excellent move! Other global companies need to be clever and adapt this. With the crypto market booming, it'd be foolish not to jump on the wagon. Great article!

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