Ulta Beauty (ULTA): A Major Wave 4 Correction in Progress

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Ulta Beauty (ULTA) has been correcting into a wave 4 decline. While it can't overlap with wave 1; it still has more decline likely to go.

The subwaves qualify the higher degree of trend labels. The red ABC of wave 4 shows that red B is already or is about to complete. The subsequent wave C down will shock many unsuspecting shareholders.

The MACD looks ready to roll over as well. IF this count is correct, then the red C decline will also have the MACD pull down to the oversold zone.

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If anybody invest on cryptocurrency next 2/3 years he or she will be millionaire very easily and Ulta beauty also good platform.

Why does ULTA beauty need a blockchain?

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I don't think they do. Just run a DAPP on EOS.

Anyone willing to run data on this project? https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/tokenpay/

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