The Hershey Company (HSY) is About to Get Sweeter!!

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The Hershey Co. (HSY) looks like a top but it's likely just an intermediate subwave top. This means it's got alot more rising to do. As the blue waves show, only 1 and 2 are complete thus far and 3 is in progress. This means that HSY price should go higher making the profits sweeter!

The subwaves of blue (3) show that 1,2,3 are complete and 4 could also be complete. As the MACD shows, it's oversold. The coming rise might also be a B wave bounce which could drag on the white 4. Regardless, once complete, blue 3,4,5 should open up newer, higher all time highs.

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I figured I would reach out to you again to see if you would like to talk. I think you have a fairly large misunderstanding of the reasons people have for downvoting you. I believe this stems from your own ideas concerning downvoting, based on your use of downvoting. How about we go discuss this on my blog. (This is not an invitation to mindlessly downvote it as you have been doing).

Wait for the next boom of the Hershey Co. (HSY). Thanks for your good analysis.

I have been quiet a while, mate. I had to over see some errands. I hope all is well.

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Sangat bermanfaat, postingan ini sangat bermanfaat kepada semua orang, dan sangat membantu

THX For your Infos here!

Great Work!!!!

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