Omnicon Group Inc. (OMC): A Primary & an Alternate

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Omnicon Group (OMC) has already started its wave 4 correction. It would have been more ideal if it had extended the full 1.618 of wave 1's length. And it still can and thus that is the alternate scenario as can be seen in the 3rd chart. Wave 4 can't overlap with the peak of 1 per EW rules.

Here is an example of how an ABC can still form a triangle pattern. To this end, even at times wave Bs can form a triangle; it's just that they can't count as abcde but rather abc. The white wave 2 was and expanded flat correction sequence. The red B wave bounce is still in progress and the C wave down is yet to onset.

Here is the alternate sequence where white wave 3 could still be incomplete. Therefore, blue wave 5 would lead to the white wave 3 placement. Either way, the red ABC correction still needs to progress.

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