Icici Bank Ltd. (IBN): The Biggest Pattern I've Ever Seen!!

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Here is one of the largest and longest symmetrical triangle pattern I've ever seen! Icici Bank Ltd (IBN) chart shows a broad and wide stretching consolidation that's been going on since 2007 and it's still not yet complete! This kind of longer term degree of trends shows far better overall direction so as to not get lost in the hourly or daily price wiggles and squigles.

The initial five wave ramp up was so fast that it generated a very extended 5th. This lead to a near 88% collapse and that formed the red wave A. The subwaves of each of the ABCDE sequence has been entered and it shows that ABC and D are complete with E remaining. Considering that wave E has already onset, the likelihood of a D wave breakout is slim. So, would at the terminal end of the E wave be a good buying opportunity?

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hahahaha.... that terminal end E comes after 2022 in his chart... what good is this content... who is buying at the terminal end ? is this a joke ?
... and he is still getting 142 $ here with his own whale upvote ... when every other votes shown here are down votes.... this guy should be banned

@haejin Are you done completely with crypto TA on Steemit? Hope to see some updates from time to time. The price over at Bitcoin live is a little steep.

I love this analysis @haejin you are the best, God bless you

This article is excellent, getting best knowledge, thanks...

Man your the best follow I have done so far. I like these post but you are honest that we need to do our research also.

This is an interesting topic, Excellent, THANKS for sharing!

Doin a broad analysis in a very nice way

THX For your Infos here!

Great Work!!!!

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