Ethereum (ETH/USD) Analysis Using Semi-Log Charting

in money •  3 months ago

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Hello @haejin, I noticed that you are converting your SBD back into Steem. Is this a short term play taking advantage of the minor favorable conversion, or has your long term play changed?


Yes, short term. I gained 20%...not too shabby. Will go the other way Steem to SBD also. It's a 2 way street. Mostly still on the SBD to STEEM conversion trade side.


Thanks for the answer. In this market 20% is great. I also caught your alert on Bitcoin Live. Thanks again!

Wow, what a call! I can't wait to scoop up $50 ETH. That would be insanely discounted! Thanks @haejin for not leaving us in the dark!

After hitting its low since September last year, it emerged that the Ethereum holder should hold on tight and expects several milestones in the ecosystems’ development. The unveiling of the Ethereum 2.0 roadmap appears top of the agenda.


During the 2008 Financial Crisis, I didn't sell, but I bought. On Jan/Feb/March of 2009, I was laddering my entries and since then, massive profits have been realized.

i find this correction not too different. Those who sold into the 2008 crisis lost out huge.


ETH 2.0 means nothing... they've been talking about it for ages. The truth is ETH is going nowhere and it is about to be killed by EOS, ADA and other chains.
ETH reminds me of Netscape during 90s.

one of the best article, i would like to ask something if you have a time?

This goes with my theory, when people see crpytos are not recovering as we approach October/Nov. the remaining holders will start selling big time.
This means the best strategy is to hold fiat on exchanges and wait for the opportunity :)

When ethereum will grow to 2000$??? @haejin

What are the miners to do? Lose money? Interesting time.