Could GOLD Crash to $650? Here's a scenario...

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I've been bearish on gold for quite a while. The ABC (red) ZigZag is well in progress. Just today, the bear flag has breached to the downside and that opens the door for much lower lows. Many could soon be horrified at seeing Gold hitting lower lows when they were expecting $5k or higher.

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Please do one on Wheat and similar futures. W1!

Gold looks strong bearish. It is now close to double bottom . if break the support level big fall can be expected

Gave you my upvote , it's a little but I hope one day will give you bigger ones

In current bearish market if Gold drops below 650$ many people will start buy at this dip.

I am always critical about gold

Why is that? Does gold not more useful as before? Or is it a pure speculation?

@haejin hope it doesnt crash like bitcoin Gold .. lol ..

totaly i am agree wit this possible scenario !!!...
If you check the pivots point monthly history , gold only has 2 pending to retest and are in that area

I dont think gold market follows Elliot wave; too much manipulation away from human emotion fear/greed - the waves are too distorted to count

Great post thanks for sharing @haejin sir


Gold is not good for investment in current time. It was earlier.


Gold is not good for
Investment in current time.
It was earlier.

                 - trending2018

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.


well said, actually its price is manipulated gold is not rare metal

what do you think of the service that you can exchange BTC for gold and then get the gold bullion sent to you to hold?

I think that defeats the whole purpose of having BTC in the first place.