Biogen Idec (BIIB): Watch Out! Wave C Down has Started!!

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Here is Biogen Idec (BIIB) and having finished it's five wave sequence, it delivered 21,998% in profits since 1998!!! That's the kind of MASSIVE profits to be hunted for! However, BIIB can't control the universe of fractals and with the five wave impulse complete, it has been undergoing the requisite correction.

Wave 2 was a very long, multi year consolidation phase that occurred within a channel (white lines). The blue subwaves of whtie 5 show the label is reliable. For the correction, the red A is a five wave impulse so that speaks to a ZigZag (5,3,5) likelihood. It seems like red B wave is complete and in the process has patterned out a bear flag. The red C wave down has started with white wave 1 complete and 2 nearly so. Red C target is 0.618 Fib zone; however, the 0.78 can also be required. Would you consider buying or selling?

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I figured I would reach out to you again to see if you would like to talk. I think you have a fairly large misunderstanding of the reasons people have for downvoting you. I believe this stems from your own ideas concerning downvoting, based on your use of downvoting. How about we go discuss this on my blog. (This is not an invitation to mindlessly downvote it as you have been doing).

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