LIZAMBO Price Falling Down Fast!

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LIZAMBO is Falling Too Fast! Is it?

Be careful with very high compounding interest. World can be cruel and it's not only you who wants to make profit!

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Look at what we have here! Isn't it fun?

Yeah, the numbers tell it all. It's quite normal that a crypto or anything in this world with a compounding rate of 100% per hour can last for too long. That is only possible if Yobit will do some magic! Yobit is quite profitable for it's investment box feature if you know how to use it wisely. In this world of trading and crypto currency, change can happen anytime so timing is very important. Sometimes, it's all what you need.

#What's Going on with the Trade at this Moment?
Some people will definitely buy but the question is, which one is higher? Is is the quantity of demand for buy, or the demand for sell?


This is just my personal thought. For a price to increase in any crypto, the demand for buy should always be higher than the demand of sell! Now in this case, since people was able to get FREE LIZAMBO because of fork + 100% hourly compounding rate, it's pretty obvious which demand is higher. Of course there will be more sell than buy! This is why the price goes down pretty fast! It's not yet more than 24 hours but the price dropped from 12BTC per piece to less than 1!

Well, it's not very surprising at all. I'm pretty sure some of whales are hoarding some of their FREE coins there in investment box and given that scenario, a huge dump must be expected sooner or later. I'm not a fan of gambling as I always say but I believe there's always a chance to WIN in anything. We just have to find the right timing!

Why Am I Telling This to You?

Everyone of us has a reason why we do things don't we?
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Well, I think anyone who trades in Yobit or in any exchange deserves to know the risk of putting your money in crypto. Crypto is 100% legit of course but the risk specially for beginners is just too high. If you would love to enter the battle of trading crypto currency then you should be prepared to lose sometimes.

This is not to tell you to buy this or buy that. This is only to remind anyone who's reading this post the risk of trading in Yobit and the gamble with its investment box. Not all of us can win always but we sure can sometimes, so better make the most out of it!

Until Next Time!


This is not a financial expert advise. This post only reflects the opinion of the author based on how we see things. Always remember everything has a risk so invest at your own risk but don't invest want you cannot afford to lose!

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