(non) passive income #002: What niche to choose?

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 Choosing a niche is key to the success of your online business. 

The possibilities are endless and we often ask ourselves what to do. 

The options go between selling products in and from ebay or aliexpress to consultancy services or even copying on an interesting topic. 

However, starting a critical analysis and confronting the outcome of our efforts, we will quickly realize that the possibilities are in fact quite limited. 

They are limited not by any external factor but by ourselves. 

The possibilities on the Internet are endless, but what we can really get is a very specific thing.  

Although there is a lot of money in a business, such as gold digging, it is not for everyone.  

Certain knowledge and efforts are needed that you may not have.  

The same is the dental profession. 

It's very lucrative, but you cannot start doing it all at once. 

That is the point with many other niches. 

The best approach I have now established is to spoil online activity in already familiar areas or in those that have a long-term interest. 

In the last 10 years I have been in the service sphere. 

This gives me a great advantage in the field of digital marketing. 

I have a company and dozens of clients for SEO, Adwords and Google Analtyics. 

I have certificates and experience in this field and I can compete with the top instructors and blogs in the niche. 

Imagine now that you have no experience with this. 

The problem is that you can hardly catch up with me and you will be condemned to be outsiders.  

This is what you said if you did not decide to deal with this matter in the long term.  

It is important to understand that with a fleeting effort it will not work.  

Just because something is nice and profitable and there is demand does not mean that people are waiting you with open arms.  

Every market that has money is, as a rule, overcrowded.  

There are sharks and whales and you will find yourself a small fish, food for the predators.  

In my case, even I get google analytics where I'm certified and have direct experience with clients. 

Even in this case I see a lot of gaps and room for improvement compared to the top instructors in udemy or in steemit.  


At the moment I think it's better to be in a smaller niche.  

While it is not top search, it is more important for your success to be on top of it than the size itself.  

The reason is simple.  

To get a realistic income from an online business in your niche, you need a certain number of users of your goods and services.  

And since here we are talking about an individual initiative or a small team of people, this number of users can safely arrive in a smaller niche.  

For now, such niches I have chosen for myself are: 

  • Google analytics 
  • Google Adwords 
  • Inbound marketing 
  • SEO 

These are areas where I have the right education and certificates. 

I have practical experience as well as real business experience. 

Ie. offline already many people have paid me and my company and I have received references from them. 

What is your niche? 

Have you ever thought about reorienting yourself completely to something new? 

What success did you achieve? 

What efforts have you made for this success?    

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