(non) passive income #001: What is and what isn't passive income.

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 I have decided to call these series a passive income because passive income as a term has moved away from its original meaning.  

Here's what Wikipedia says about passive income:    

Let's say you have an apartment and rent it, it's a passive income.  

Or you have savings and invest them in shares, it is a passive income.  

But if you write articles in a steemit like me or do courses at Udemy, it's not a passive income.  Even if you have a channel on youtube this is again not a passive income. 

Everything that you actively invest in is not a passive income. 

Everything you invest in time, labor, money or all three is just a standard business model business model.   

People often think that, once something earns money for them without their direct involvement, it is a passive income. 

For example, a steemit article that brings you funds long after you wrote it.   

Yes, but this is true for every business model.   

If I have an eBay store and stock it up and order it, I can order it while I'm sleeping, but that does not mean I have earned money in a passive way.   

Just because I have put a lot of effort into developing and distributing the store. 

People often call passive income simply making money or what they love.    

That's why I decided to call the passive income item because I'm going to talk about what most people mean when they read or write about passive income.    

The topics discussed here will rarely include the possibility of passive income, but will be based on a lot of work and knowledge.    

So hang up your sleeves! If you like what I do, vote! comment! share it!   

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