Grant Cardone Has Been Impeached

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—Government officials are charging Grant Cardone with Obstruction of Being Average.
—He has become the first businessman to be formally impeached.
—Representatives from the 4-Hour Work Week are bringing charges against 10X Nation.

Miami— In a historic move Thursday morning, entrepreneur and businessman Grant Cardone has been the first American to be impeached on social media with high crimes of aiming too high and taking too many actions.

“The unrealistic goals Grant Cardone sets for those in the middle-class are just too much,” said one official.

Both Democrats, Republicans, and Bureaucrats voted in an overwhelming majority vote to charge Mr. Cardone after he took to Instagram and told his followers that fiat cash is garbage and that you need your money invested in real assets—not Wall Street funny money.

It started Monday morning when an anonymous whistleblower went to the media when Mr. Cardone encouraged his followers to change their mindset because being a "mere millionaire" is “thinking too small”.

"Grant Cardone’s reckless actions are creating too much obsession in schools around the nation, that’s why impeachment is necessary."

At a news conference Thursday morning, representatives from Cardone’s offices noted that Grant has taken his private jet out of the country and is “10Xing it around the world” and encouraged the public to let due process take its course.

“This is not about Grant Cardone, this about YOUR ability to live your dream life and make the kind of money you know you deserve,” said on 10Xer who is planning on attending the 10X Growth Conference this upcoming February even if Grant will be unable to attend due to the impeachment hearings.

Additional developments are pending…and the investigation will be on-going. Only time will tell if Grant will be removed from 10X Headquarters.


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