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Here is a relative scale comparison of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies vs gold vs monetary supplies vs the net worth of a few wealthy individuals (I added 'me' as a reference point to help)


What is NOT shown are all the debt obligations. So I would realistically show the $150-$200 trillion in true global debt obligations, most of it government to future gov. obligations, into the 'all money supply' category. Actually the current USA's own unfunded welfare state/spending/debt obligations is something ridiculous like $100-150 trillion in the coming decades.

So I agree that all the cryptocurrencies are going to compete wildly with possibility of USD + Euro + Yen + ... in circulation? Or a portion of it?

The upside is still massive for alternative "monies" like bitcoin, alts, gold, silver and .... ?

more opinions from the info chart creator below is found here:

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Nice chart and every time someone mentions that we're in a cryptocurrency bubble, i tell them that there's still a long way to go by bringing this up.

Excellent comparison and analysis.
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Good Job

Great analysis

Silver $17B ... I'm sticking to Silver .... thanks for the post ... upvoted

Really informative post. Great work

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There's plenty of room to grow for cryptos, when our silly neighbor is willing to buy some bitcoin the we are in a bubble and it's time to sell

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