GODcoin: Unlock Your Potential Today with the Supremacy of Gold!

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The power and supremacy of gold...

There is just an auspicious allure to gold. Old tales of otherworldly beings and alchemists, to the current bankers, investors, and everyday people, all have and continue to desire and trade in gold. Gold, aside from people's current faith, was what made the U.S. dollar what it is today by giving it that reliable value. Not only that, gold is what people often use for their keepsakes. In all ways, gold is something intrinsic and luxurious to everyone in one way or another. When it comes to business though, many have been keeping their eye on its price. In a recent Forbes article Pierre Lassonde, who "is the legendary co-founder, along with Seymour Schulich, of Franco-Nevada, the first publicly-traded gold royalty company", stated:

...Annual global gold demand has exploded in the years since the first DGF was held. Demand grew more than fivefold, from a value of $32 billion in 1989 to $177 billion in 2018.

Today's central banks are net buyers of gold as they seek to diversify away from the U.S. dollar. But 30 years ago, they were net sellers. In 1989, banks collectively unwound as much as 432 tonnes from their reserves. Compare that to last year, when they ended up buying some 651.5 tonnes, the largest such purchase since the Nixon administration, with Russia and China leading the way.


It is now 30 years ago the first Denver Gold Forum (DGF) was held. As time goes on and we all age, gold continues to be resilient and hold its esteemed value. No one has forgotten about gold's allure, and nor will anyone in the future. As we see the price climb, many are expecting gold to continue trending upward. Kitco reported that "Gold could rally another 50% due to the enormous amount of debt hanging around the world." This statement came from the Director of Metalla Royalty & Streaming, E.B. Tucker.

'The amount of debt is growing tremendously, with the U.S. government's growing by billions and billions of dollars a day. Corporations have to borrow more and more just to function. Interest rates are negative, so they're being paid to borrow, so debt is growing really quickly. You're probably pushing the upper limits of $300 trillion of debt at some point, so I don’t see that slowing down, and I think gold has to play catch up.'

For those of you concerned about the environment and the mining aspect, gold is relatively on the more eco-friendly side compared to other commonly mined items such as aluminum.


It is clear that gold will never fade away, but will only be elevated to shine brighter in the coming years and potentially take some people by surprise. From global sanctions to government debts and a wavering economy, the central banks and investors will continue to buy and hold on to gold. This is why as we enter the new age of economics with digital currency, GODcoin will be one at the top with gold in value.

The common complaint is that gold and precious metals don't have much utility. You wouldn't bring along a bunch of gold bricks on your next shopping trip, would you? Of course not.

So how do we resolve this issue?

The answer is simple:

We've entered the digital age, and with blockchain technology, we no longer need to mint money on hard materials. The blockchain affords us the opportunity to log valuable assets into a ledger system and subsequently issue cryptocurrency tokens based on the value of those assets. In fact, we've developed a blockchain specifically for this purpose.

GODcoin will begin by monetizing gold reserves in the form of digital tokens minted on the blockchain. We will take the weighted amount of assets in reserve and distribute that figure evenly so that each token has a set weight of gold to back it. The currency is then pegged to the value of gold. As gold's value changes, so does the value of each token. It's simple, more stable, and a guaranteed way to ensure the wealth of many generations to come.


As George Herbert once said, "Gold opens all locks, no lock will hold against the power of gold." So, as gold continues to increase, so could your future if you invest in GODcoin now!

Unlock YOUR potential today!

This article was authored by Judith Monte, @belovebelight

There are many advantages to GODcoin especially since it is one of the few coins that will be backed by gold and silver. Not only does GODcoin offer the illuminated path towards a prosperous future, but very soon, it will be the global currency. To learn more, visit the following links:

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All information provided is available on the official website at https://godcoin.gold



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