Investing strategy suiting your needs and why I won't actively trade Bitcoin.

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Few weeks ago I went to Anarchopulco - five star resort in Mexico. Coming from the UK - Sun deprived country - I really enjoyed hanging out on the beach... Too bad event was packed with so many inspirational speakers and amazing audience - self-selected crowd consisting of revolutionary thinkers and liberated people - it was such an honour to hang out with you!

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 16.55.42.png
(snippets from my Instagram)

There were so many crypto enthusiasts that I naturally got excited about Bitcoin again.

Exceptional knowledge about technical analysis delivered by Tone Vays and connecting with Roger Ver who taught me some BJJ moves.

Roger Ver

(I prefer term #voluntaryism that is embodying freedom over anarchy that is related to chaos and disorder)

@dollarvigilante opening ceremony was pretty epic too, 10am already holding a glass of wine:

It's actually my first conference because I was too drunk to remember the other ones

That is how you roll, freedom vibrations all day long!

dollar vigillante - prism - crop.jpg

(using Prisma app, colours were odd so applied some creative filter)

In the past couple of days everyone was talking SEC ETF Bitcoin and scaling issues.

Here is the SEC ruling website:

Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 17.19.40.png

And yes, everyone (every media outlet, including mainstream) is talking about it:
Bitcoin EMF SEC.png

In the days proceeding the decision I watching the market.

This is classic Wall Street


Initially I couldn't understand what is the reason for the spike. I was using Google search tools to show me latest results and according to my knowledge SEC decision wasn't there yet. In reality I should be watching SEC website directly, even with content created in advance (writing two versions of the same article) there will be some delay until it goes live and Google picks it up.

(watch fragment at 15m39s)
(thank you Tone for answering my question on Twitter)

Now I understand why the price temporarily spiked above $1300 but I still don't understand how. Placing massive BUY order to bump price over $1300 to trigger STOP-LOSS and lower the price? But that would reduce the value of your holding so I still don't get it. So maybe it was a pure speculation? If you are wolf of Wall Street or any other experienced trader - please let me know in the comments - I'm genuinely curious...

Back in a day I read several books about FOREX - Library Genesis is like Pirate Bay for books... I've learnt that only 5% of traders regularly make money, it's the exchanges and market makers who consistently win.

But I'm not an expert. I cannot compete with professional traders. My knowledge is limited.

Active trading is not for me!

Can I have my 20 hours (3 working days) back of attention, focus, thinking?

The number is obviously an estimate but there is no point in me obsessing about the trades because my investment is so small it doesn't pay off...

And even when I had all the information I wasn't able to execute the trade... It takes a lot of mental toughness and discipline. It takes experience and practice with real money, real stakes and know to behave in each and every situation - acting on the data rather than emotions.


Here is the BREXIT chart... It initially rebounded, but then went lower and lower. I was worried similar situation will happen in #Bitcoin space:

  • sharp drop
  • rebound
  • consistently falling later on

I have no idea how SegWit and Bitcoin Unlimited will develop. I have no control, I have no real influence. ACTIVE TRADING IS NOT FOR ME. Instead I'll be consistently investing small portion of my income into #Bitcoin blockchain #cryptocurrency and other freedom #voluntaryism orientated ventures, just like I made a commitment to invest in my health:10 percent health.png

Connect with me of Steemit and other social media channels. My number is on the website, email footer and Twitter bio: 0044 758 629 4279 (call me anytime, internet never sleeps but I switch it off at night to avoid excessive radiation anyway)

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upvoted and following you, welcome to Steemit brother.


Hell yeah! Now I need to learn new rules and new set of dynamics...


There are lots of people willing to help!


Crypto market is so crazy! I promised not to trade and yet... I cannot help myself :)


I dont trade but I might have to give it a try!

stefek99 Michał Stefanów tweeted @ 10 Mar 2017 - 23:37 UTC

@ToneVays Thank you so much for explaining -… - to screw stop-losses at $1300... INSANE! Classic...

stefek99 Michał Stefanów tweeted @ 02 Mar 2017 - 18:36 UTC

Look at these handsome lads! Freedom vibrations at #anarchapulco #voluntaryism @rogerkver @Anarchapulco

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Well hey .. that's a kickass first post bro! :)


Thank you bro! I have some blogging experience, different platforms, etc... Steemit seems like a legitimate idea!


Hell yes! You certainly do have some polish, and time already spent with some heavy-hitters down south woo! welcome aboard! .. Followed & Resteemed!


I believe these a simple reason why successful people are getting more successful - there is a critical mass and following.

Also - to be in a position of financial abundance - one is allowed to make choices based on value, not merely "what is cheaper". Another thing about money - can afford Uber rides, better food, personal assistant - more energy for critical matters, when every split second counts.

I'm not a trader, it doesn't pay off in my current situation. I need to save my brainpower for other critical matters.

Thank you for valuable and insightful comments, much love!

Nice post, welcome to Steemit !!


Thank you, way to go 💚