Bug-out Barter Bits

in money •  2 years ago  (edited)

It's always nice to keep some insurance around - just in case...

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Screen pic got me, I love junk!

photo from my personal collection :)

Never been a better time to buy as much silver as you can afford right now!

Chart paints a continuing downtrend now that we've taken out the December lows, but we all know this manipulated market is capable of just about anything...

Great Phrase - Bug-Out Barter Bits.... that's EXACTLY what they are / will be.
What? No Kennedy Halves, Franklins, Walking Liberties, Barber Quarters, Mercury or Barber Dimes?

I was thinking the same (lack of variety) shortly after I posted - So I've updated to add a Kennedy, Franklin, Peace & Morgan :)