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Wall Street and its Merry Band of Wealth Stealers

Dear Reader,

The financial industry can’t offer you financial independence because it simply isn’t in their interest to do so.

Think about it: they can’t make money off of you truly diversifying your income and investments.

They make money from you buying stocks, pure and simple, so no matter which advisor, planner, or broker you go to, whether it’s the mutual fund pushers or individual stocks, it’s all the same: they’ll tell you that you’re in it for the long haul.

It’s the long haul of paying them a commission, and at the end of 3 decades, it’s on you. Your financial advisor will either be retired, dead, or will shrug his shoulders and say what he said in 2008… “No one saw this coming, we did everything right, and you just need to hang in there.”

The entire financial industry is about separating you from your money – that’s it.

They’ll actually try to convince you to defer your life and extra income so you never stop paying their fees.

The scary part is this all leads to a scarcity mindset, which is very unhealthy.

Save more, sacrifice, defer life, defer taxes, defer financial independence… defer… defer… defer… F**K that!

Deferring tax does not SAVE it, just like deferring the enjoyment of life or your income.

We currently have historically low taxes, so you can pay the tax now or you can totally gamble with your future and defer it.

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Sure, it feels good seeing a 401(k) account with a nice balance, but let’s be real: you have a silent partner called the IRS, and you have no idea how much they are going to take.

The worst part, though, is the opportunity cost. With your money tied up in stocks, what is it NOT being used for right now? It could be private investments, a business, or an opportunity that doesn’t fee you or demand a penalty if you want to (God forbid) use your own money for whatever you want prior to turning 57 years old.

They’ll tell you to not only defer to save on tax (which is a lie), but that should you do this, the goal is to be in the lowest tax bracket when you’re in your 60s… Does that even make sense?

Do you think any rich person ever said to themselves, “my financial goal is to have such little income when I’m old that I’ll be in a poor person’s tax bracket?”

2019 is going to be a big year for many of you, and I want to help you create an achievable plan for financial independence.

I want to break this down so that it’s so easy that it will be absurd not to become financially independent.

Please make sure our email is saved in your address book. Every single email is going to be pointed in the direction to help you grow your wealth and peace of mind.

Best Regards,

Daniel Ameduri

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