How to earn 20.000 euros in two months from blogging

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This article will teach you how to make 20.000 euros in two months from blogging. It’s about the life story of an American young man who, in a quite short period of time, won so much money that he never dreamed of wining. I’ll tell the story exactly how he told it.


It all started in the year 2008. Back then, when the international economy collapsed. The international crisis almost broke everybody into pieces. Most people lost their jobs, some companies (quite popular ones) hit the skids, some business men and entrepreneurs were forced to shut down their matters… What more there can be said? It was a total chaos! By the way, some say that this whole thing was previously planed and thought – this means that the international crisis would have been planned by “well intended organizations”. Yes! This could be valid. In this beautiful and unpredictable world we are living in, everything seems possible!

Our young man, an eminent student at architecture and a very well paid employee, experienced something that was almost impossible to be avoided. He got the mitten! By the way, we’re talking about a young man from San Francisco.

Until he got the terrible news from his boss, he actually lived quite the life. He got a good salary, he didn’t had much to do at work, he often traveled for his job through ought the world, he knew many financially potent people… It seemed that he was working in a field with a great future ahead. In order for one to learn how to build houses and even more than this, you need to also know how to renovate them, it’s not something to be thought as having no future ahead…

The boy was really passionate about his work, things seemed to really work out for him, he had a nice life, until the crisis came. Then, the economy collapsed, money suddenly lost their value and businesses, through ought the world, froze.

Our eminent student got the mittens! Things started to go down for him. The money he had from his parents were only enough for college. He was in a very low place.

In that times, he made a blog. This helped him keep his courses and notes online. His idea was to get the essentials out of his courses for exams, to make notes and to post them on his blog ( like a lesson), so that he can easier learn no matter where he was located.

By accessing the info online, no matter where he would go, he would win a lot of time and he was able to study much easier for his exams – all the schemes and ideas for architecture exams were available online – all sorts of projects on how to build a house and all sorts of ideas about interior design you could find on his blog.

His blog idea was not a bad one, on the contrary, it was amazing! This is how he passed all his exams.

His parents praised him, his girlfriend congratulated him, he was happy, everything ran according to what he said, with an expected end. How could you not expect to get good results when most of the time you study? Well he even studied on his way to college! Either on the bus, on the train, or in the taxi, he would open his laptop or phone and he would read his posts…

Now, that he graduated, he needed a job. The market seemed quite affected, jobs were not easy to find, the world was overwhelmed, frustrated, angry , nervous. ”The whole world was wracked!”

Our young man kept his calm, he accepted the situation as it was – that he would still have to depend on his parents ( either way he had no other chance) – and he kept on doing what he knew best: plans and projects. He thought that if he has so much free time, he could prepare projects for new homes and interior design for the future.

The idea of posting online new projects and new interior design ideas, was quite the move he made! Not even he suspected what an intelligent one it was! He only thought that this will help him easier study and present his projects when the case will require it. And as a result, he started to study the blogging phenomenon. He wanted to see how a blog can help him better organize himself. This was the spark! This is where everything had started!

By reading all sorts of articles and materials, he figured out that a blog can very well become a business. This surprised him – ‘cause he didn’t know what other thing to do on the blog other than write. He never studied about this phenomenon until that moment.

At some point, among other things he read about, he understood that blogging allows people all over the world, to read what he posts. He got curious to see whether his blog is visited, he focused on what to do to get more traffic and so he installed Google Analytics on his blog. This Google Analytics is a web analyzing service which follows traffic rates (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly) – easier said, it’s a sort of code which, once installed, indicates how many people have paid you a visit.

The next day, after having installed this code, he got to see the magic! Daily, thousands of people were visiting his blog. In the beginning, he got blocked. He just couldn’t believe it. He didn’t know how to react. Should he be happy about it? Should he be afraid?

The first thing he did was to edit everything he wrote until that moment. He rearranged the content in the page, he changed it, he gave it a more professional look, he corrected it form the grammatical point of view and he renamed it in architectural language. If so many people were visiting his blog, he didn’t want to make a fool of himself! He had time, he had the brains and he managed to make things exactly as planned.

After arranging everything exactly how he wanted to, he noticed that on the blog there was the option “comments”. He enabled this option and waited to see what happened.

People started to comment, to launch appraisals, to ask questions. He started to answer, to help them and to thank them ( with solid and concrete answers). He started even to study about how to answer ( when he didn’t know the answer he would look it up on the internet).

Seeing that there is quite the interest on his blog, he searched ways through which he could make money with this whole thing and he bumped into a quite interesting alternative: Google AdSense.

He just added a simple code and surprise: the next day he saw that AdSense advertisement brought him a profit of 3 dollars – which was big ( as he didn’t make a dime since he started the blog). He felt really good about the fact that he could make money with his blog – which didn’t happened until then. This motivated him into believing even more in this. Even though he would only make some few dollars each day, reality showed him that money can be made.

Seeing that things were starting to run smoothly, he started to study in more detail the phenomenon. He bought blogging books, he bought courses, he read articles – on how to make money with a blog, he saw all sorts of tutorials and step by step, by getting so much information, he ran into a second method of making money with his blog, called private advertisement.

In that precise moment, private advertisement was only resuming at adding an advertising banner directly on the first page of the referred to web site. Brands which were interested in advertising would place their own banner on your web site and all users who showed interest on it would click that precise banner.

Our young man started with 125 on 125 cm banners. He, by himself, contacted brands, he explained who he was, what he does, how many daily visits his blog has and he suggested the deal… The advantage of having many visits lead him to find some brands which could accept his offer. So for 100 or 200 dollars per month, some brands would keep their banners on his blog.

After a period of AdSense combined with private advertisement the guy started to earn 500 or 600 dollars per month. It passed almost a year and a half since he graduated from college and it seemed that things were looking up for him. Even without a job…

Most people who read his posts were really appreciating him. He was told many times that he can be a good teacher. He became more ambitious and he got involved even more: he kept a strong connection with some of his blog visitors, he answered all the questions and it seemed that with each day going by he became even more popular.

At some point, he met online a small independent bloggers’ community – it was about a restricted circle of bloggers who got together and discussed about stuff related to online businesses. They received him with enthusiasm, they accepted him in their community, they made some research on him and they figured out that the young man was quite talented. They told him that it would be a great shame for him not to write a book. They noticed that he has a lot to say and they guided him towards a third method of making money, and that is: “money from E-books” – an alternative he didn’t thought about until then.

In the beginning, he was skeptic about the suggestions he got form the bloggers’ community. He just couldn’t believe that somebody would buy a book written by him. He thought that there is no chance for him to become a writer… But his blogger colleagues encouraged him and convinced him that he would have nothing to loose, on the contrary. This thing ambitioned him and motivated him in moving forward.

The young college degree started working again and this time by studying how to write a book. He learned the necessary steps and he started to write. He wrote what he knew best – about how houses are built and about interior design – and in circa 3 months of writing and studying he had his final product.

The book he finished was like an eCourse in which he gave details, step by step, on how to build a building and how to renovate it.

He was quite contempt with his work, as he worked for 3 whole months during which he passed many sleepless nights.

He put his book for sale on his personal blog and after waiting for a month, he checked his account to see how much money he got. HE WAS SHOCKED! HE EARNED 8000 DOLLARS in just 31 days from having posted it. He just couldn’t believe it. He was dancing through the house, singing, crying and he couldn’t believe what was happening to him.

This was a moment he thought would be a right one to make his girlfriend a surprise. He asked her to marry him. He told her what have happened and after this, with tears in his eyes, he asked her to marry him.

As you can imagine, it was all about the kissing, loving, beautiful moments, with some vacation days and many gifts.

Now he felt really happy. Money gave him stability and made him feel exactly like he wanted to feel.

He told his blogger colleagues about this, he thanked them with all his heart for everything they’ve done for him and his life continued exactly like you would think it would…

He never stopped studying about how to make money with a blog and he implemented another option called diversification. He contacted a professional who created for him a second product resulted from the first one ( an audio book that is) which he, of course, put on sale. In the end, there were 3 products ( the book itself, the audio guide and the book and the book with audio guide as a whole package). So 3 launched products in less than two months.

The next month he made a total of circa 12.000 dollars.

Each month profits were increasing, reaching to even 35.000 dollars in just one month. Considering this, he got to spend his honeymoon in Hawaii. A whole month he spent there – “It must’ve been quite the ordeal” – Afterwards, he got back to his old house ( which was new now because while he was away the house got renovated) and he started to do what he knew best.

In time, our eminent student evolved: he went on the YouTube market (where he posted all sorts of interesting video materials), he started to create podcasts (which he weekly posted on his blog); by becoming an associate with a company activating in his field, he entered also in the phone apps industry. Not to mention that he also hired some people with writing skills and together they created several web sites. In the same time he got into making plugins for web platforms and in the present he’s a speaker ( he talks to people about how they can develop an online business)… It seems that he’s quite fulfilled. Better said, he’s a fulfilled happy daddy ( as he got busy during his honeymoon).

Now, our character is a young billionaire, without any criminal records.

Therefore, what was the key to success which made him a billionaire?

First of all, the key to success of this young man is the fact that he offered to the whole world, something valuable. The fact that he didn’t thought about the money from the very first day, was huge. As you can easily notice, money can come also as a result of voluntary work. You never know what God may offer you when you do good.

The second thing is the fact that he knew how to write and speak in English. It’s one thing to write an article in your native language, which tens of people speak it, and it’s a whole different thing to write an article in English, a language which hundreds of people know…

Even though it seems like a simple story, things weren’t quite like this. This man really dedicated himself. He even lost his nights. He really wrote hundreds and hundreds of hours… So he got involved. He worked and he dedicated himself to it!

He didn’t limit himself. For him the sky was the limit. He didn’t resume at only one thing. He created several possibilities of delivering information and those several alternatives brought him a bigger profit than he would ever think of.

Being rich is no easy stuff. But it isn’t impossible, as well. There are thousands of stories which tell you what to do in order to become rich, but never assume that somebody will come and will help you become rich. This only depends on you and your ambition.

"If you want to have everything you wish for, first you have to work."

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