Bitfinex Hacked

in money •  3 years ago

The company revealed the breach at 2:16pm EST, “we know that some of our users have had their bitcoins stolen.” Bitfinex Director of Community & Product Development, Zane Tackett, confirmed on Reddit that “the loss from the hack stands at 119,756btc.”

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Anybody can fork Bitcoin at any time and call it whatever they wish.
That will not affect Bitcoin at all.
The majority of the miners have already decided on this, they will stick with core and wait for SegWit to come out. That is the indisputable road BTC will take.

And the news about "another exchange hacked", nothing new for Bitcoin. It will affect the market for 1-2 weeks, create a buying opportunity at cheap prices, and get rid of a few weak hands.

After this, a lot of resistance will be cleaned out and a nice big rally will spring to balance the market on its way up again..

As you said " Don't Panic" :)


Yeah, this is just the events that occurred. This information and event's is being used to put the price down.