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Hello, my name is Kirill. I and my friend (a colleague) working about game cs minion-style.

We are more working on game, but work takes 12 hours in everyday.
To create a model player leaves a large amount of time.

We want to make an interesting and at the same time a fun game.

The game will be divided into several mini-games:

1. Run away from the evil chicken;
2. Game hot potatoes (in the game potatoes replaced on bomb will that explodes through the n-seconds);
3. Battle knife;
4. Mini-football.

This modes includes in first relise in 10 october 2016.

We will be glad of any help and suggestions. Thank you!

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Maybe like an Angry birds..

I like the idea, on release though do spell check otherwise you could deter alot of primarily English speaking people.
~ it's one of those things that can discredit a game or app because it looks fishy/scamming for some random reason.


Sorry, but my english bad :(
But i like it.


Do not worry I'm just trying to help you achieve your goal with this game and help it reach a larger audience :).
I like the idea like I said.


thx, man)

nice models. If you try do come up with a STEEM version, maybe this community is more interested to upvote you.


thx, we think about it)