Be careful with contribution!

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Hello, my name is Kirill.

And i want tell you about my big error with contribution to sports analysts 'Unicorn-Analitycs '(and how i lost my money with them).

My salary is very small, but i want to get a car very much.

I've searched the internet in a way to make extra money, and found some project for contribution to sports analysts.

I watched more videos with reviews, and decided to invest in it.

With this project i could set a goal and maybe get a car.

As first step there I made a small contribution with 30$ and the money “began to grow”.

After first week i got 35$ (30$ - is mine, 5$ - my bonus from project).

I was inspired and i invested another 300$ (and these are VERY big money for me).

A month passed...

I got total of 431$ and wanted to withdraw some money.

Usually, the money come to card within 5 days.

But the project does not give me my money and constantly writes about some issues and problems.

It's been 2 months, and I still have no my money back. And that's how I lost my money!

Be very careful with your money, and remember "Free cheese can be only in a mousetrap, and only for the second mouse!".

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

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Sorry to hear that, remember do not put all eggs in to one basket and if they are based in russia you can report them to central bank I think.


police and central bank can't help