Greg Hunter Interview: Rob Kirby -- Wealthy Seeking Physical Silver and Gold

in money •  2 months ago

Greg Hunter interviews Rob Kirby, macroeconomic analyst and broker of precious metals by the ton, about the economy, hyperinflation, and precious metals.


  • (00:38) What about the $21 trillion in dark money? -- When the world no longer needs the U.S. dollar, the United States will have an inflation problem.;
  • (13:45) What do you think about important people not knowing about the $21 trillion in dark money?;
  • (17:30) Is everything okay in the emerging markets?;
  • (18:54) Could there be a new currency?;
  • (20:16) Zero percent interest rates represent people working for free;
  • (20:40) When is this thing going to blow up?;
  • (24:26) What are your sources (clients) telling you now?;
  • (26:48) Do you think the charade will come apart this fall?;
  • (27:10) What about the geopolitics?;
  • (31:01) What do you think of the tech giants?;
  • And more...

33 minute video by Greg Hunter published 1 September 2018

Link Associated with this Interview

$21 Trillion in Dark Money Will Cause Hyperinflation – Rob Kirby


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Watched all that with great great pleasure. THANK YOU.

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Great Show!! ❤😊❤
Rob Kirby is a truly an amazing man. Thank you for the interview and very informative;
Thank you gentlemen.

your content and writing is always best good luck.

Nice post. Very good. Keep going.

Wow really great thank you for sharing :)

Great videos mike as these videos always brings a great value.


Great videos mike
As these videos always
Brings a great value.

                 - googlefighter

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This is why I like Rob Kirby - he tells it like it is. And thanks for discussion on the $21T dark money. My friens who are investment bankers don't have a clue what kind of inflationary impact it will have when USD starts to repatriate. They think I'm nuts. Even Greg Mannarino scoffed at it in tiradr earlier this week. I'm concerned for Americans who are ill prepared for what's coming...especially those living paycheck to paycheck and live on credit cards in a home mortgaged to the hilt, an empty pantry because they eat out all the time and have no way to take care of themselves if that all goes away. I wonder how long it will take before society greaks down.


I have heard an estimate that the breakdown for the United States will not happen until the year 2020. If that is right, there is still a little time to prepare.

I was surprised by Greg Mannarino's reaction about the $21 trillion. Greg Mannarino and Greg Hunter are good friends. I would have thought Greg Hunter showed Greg Mannarino all the evidence. And the two of them could have had an intelligent discussion about it.

It is a debt based system that is failing. Stay out of debt and avoid going down with the system. Self-reliance goes a long way too.

Have a great weekend and a great week!
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Amazing interview @etcmike thanks a lot for sharing.

Wonderful video series sir thanks a lot for sharing.

Just more of the critical insider information we will never see anywhere on mainstream media
Average person is treated as a mushroom
Feed them shit and keep them in the dark
Thanks again Greg for the bright lights at the very least

Rob is always so dead on with his assessments and opinions. The bottom line is to continue to acquire and store your favorite precious metals.

mike sir, i am watched all the post, great post about money, economy nice informational Greg Hunter interviews. thanks, for sharing.

Mike sir,Thanks for sharing this informational interview, good post.


@etcmike hi friend! hope u recognised me! how r u? I m sure you r doing well. I just want to ask you about 2 things.

  1. Are you on discord? I really want to talk with you personally rather than in the comments. my discord id is mango-juice #9739
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Etcmike sir nice writing and nice post and Mr. Hunter: Thanks for another fine interview

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thanks for the new information

Mike this was a great post.

I'm following you vote. Please help me vote

I am completely in shock. I did not know anything about this topic. It was very interesting, to the point that I ended up researching more on the Internet on my own. It is surprising how all the countries have very serious internal problems and they are not known in their vast majority until they explode. Thanks for sharing such interesting topics.

I really liked it.
Great content..

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OMG super Great content...
Thank You so much for these.. I learned so much... I followed you & keep it up your good work... Godbless

Amazing sir

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In these days I was watching the Greg Hunter videos because I know there will be an attack against these kinds of journalists, maybe their programs there will be closed like Info Wars by Alex Johns. I watched the John Rubino interview about "The money Bubble" and I understood Dollar will fall down sooner or later. Thanks for sharing :)


It seems like fiat currency crises (a.k.a., money bubbles) are happening in different parts of the world.

Have a great weekend!
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your review are great.I like your topic.Rob Kirby is very intelligent hunter man.and steemhunt is great platform for online earn of way.I also love steemhunt

In economics the term "normative" refers to the academic premise that economic theory is based on the concept of theory. Economist's usually include a clarification that reality may be different than the normative economic theories being discussed.

The under current of issues being put forth recently about various unsavory operations needs to reach a much greater audience. Although the main stream media routinely supports the "normative" story, the advances from alternative media are bringing up concerns that some unscrupulous people may wish would remain undisclosed. Please continue to shed light on illicit activities. In a free society when public discourse is publically condemned, freedom becomes a premise instead of a reality.

I do not know how greg Hunter was skilled. But after reading your post, he got some of his skills. thanks for sharing


Greg Hunter used to be a CNN investigative reporter.

Have a great weekend and a great week!
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This man is awesome!

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