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Greg Hunter interviews Lynette Zang, Chief Market Analyst at, to get her opinion on markets and the economy.


  • View on the U.S. tax reform bill -- repatriation of overseas money is needed to keep the markets stimulated (0:52);
  • Will the tax cut propel the markets higher? -- more money will go into share buybacks (1:38);
  • Will markets continue to go higher? (4:26);
  • Money standard shift -- they need it to implode -- the entire money system is built on debt (5:38);
  • Bitcoin -- Getting people used to digital money -- a tool of barter -- central banks looking to digital money (soveriegn coins) to gain more control over the population (6:47);
  • Gold and silver -- Gold has uses across the economic spectrum -- gold has always risen during a crisis (14:36);
  • What's going to drive gold and silver prices higher? -- Gold should be north of $9,500 currently (19:17);
  • Markets going higher is just a strategy to keep people in the markets (20:32);
  • What do you see for 2018? -- Reset: revaluation -- debt needs to be reset (20:50);
  • Why is gold suppressed? -- "They" want you going to Bitcoin (digital currency) (22:30);
  • When are the markets going to implode?? -- Insiders are selling -- A lot of pain coming in 2018 -- hyperinflation starting in 2018 -- QE4 (24:40);
  • Commercial real estate and bond market get hit (35:14);
  • And more...

38 minute video by Greg Hunter published 5 December 2017

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USAWatchDog Article: Ultimately They Need the Markets to Implode – Lynnette Zang


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Really a great video my friend, thanx for educating us.

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