Greg Hunter Interview: G. Edward Griffin - Prepare To Be Red Pilled

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Greg Hunter interviews G. Edward Griffin, author of “The Creature from Jekyll Island” and founder of the upcoming "Red Pill Expo", about the bankers, economy, gold and silver, and markets.


  • (00:35) What is going on in the country and in the world? Red Pill us!;
  • (08:29) What is really happening in the economy with the money printing?;
  • (12:41) What is going on right now with repo market and QE?;
  • (15:17) Why are they printing all this money?;
  • (21:56) Why do they want the President out?;
  • (30:49) Trust;
  • (31:58) What does the little guy do to survive?;
  • (33:51) What should people be owning for the rough spots?;
  • And more...

41 minute video by Greg Hunter published 5 November 2019

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Bankers Going for Broke Because They Know it’s Broke – G. Edward Griffin


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Although talking about the u.s. president is quite controversial. but picking up such topic is quite intruding. Hunter brings up brave subjects though.

Although it’s sometimes hard to see just maybe trump is doing some good and that’s why they want him out? Cheers mike

Having listened to Edward G Griffin, I do wonder If President Trump is what he pertains to be, especially learning that he had a meeting with Henry Kissinger - listen to what he has to say at 23 minutes into the broadcast.

I’ll take another look, cheers mike

Thanks for sharing information interesting sires .

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Hola @etcmike este aprendizaje es complicado, pero de alguna manera hay que entenderlo…

Hoy día la información es tan cambiante… vale la pena tener estos archivos guardados, gracias nuevamente @etcmike...

Thanks for the latest news. As always, everything is detailed and clear.

Thanks for the latest
News. As always, everything
Is detailed and clear.

                 - magnata

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Hola @etcmike, esto es una locura, solo preparándonos lo superaremos…

Hello @etcmike, this is crazy, just preparing we will overcome it...

Thank you very much for sharing a great interview with GREG HUNTER, have a good day and mood

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I'm a huge admirer of Edward G. Griffin for what he has done to inform and educate the public on how the Federal Reserve was formed and what is actually happening in the banking/financial system - as he says they just give an illusion of the system on how they want us all to perceive it.

I agree with him that the public are wired to the media, through watching TV, listening to the radio and mobile devices. They consume information provided by the 'establishment' and rarely question it.

The Federal Reserve has bought the government, media etc.!

Yet another person who states that this current FIAT currency system is coming to an end. We are now at the stage of FLOODING THE WORLD WITH MONEY by the agreement with all the central banks.

Thought his comments on President Trump were very Illuminating. Is he part of the 'establishment', especially having had a meeting with Henry Kissinger. It does make one wonder.

Thanks for posting this Greg Hunter interview with Edward G. Griffin on Steemit.

great interview with GREG HUNTER, thank you very much for sharing, good luck

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