Greg Hunter Interview: Chris Martenson -- Buy Gold Now Before Global Collapse

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Greg Hunter interviews Chris Martenson, futurist, economist, co-author of Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting, and founder of, about the economy and markets.


  • (00:24) Does Prosper!: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting, 2nd edition contain updated information?;
  • (01:25) Why do you think the collapse is here?;
  • (05:27) What do you think the geopolitical strife (yellow vest protests) mean?;
  • (10:37) Taxation is theft: Are people are upset about taxes and debt?;
  • (14:04) Davos crowd getting richer as governments and central banks blowing bubbles and picking winners;
  • (16:58) Be ready for what is coming!;
  • (17:37) Can governments and central banks keep the collapse from happening?;
  • (19:52) The blame game and war;
  • (21:30) Is Davos not really that important?;
  • (23:28) Cracking down on the press not to show protests or discuss contrary ideas;
  • (25:00) Borderless immigration;
  • (29:39) What do you suppose is going on in the gold and silver markets?;
  • (32:43) Central banks can't stop the money printing;
  • (35:50) Buy gold now before you cannot buy gold;
  • (35:54) Are people feeling that something is wrong?;
  • (39:00) What do you tell people?;
  • And more...

43 minute video by Greg Hunter published 29 January 2019

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Global Collapse Accelerating Buy Gold Now – Chris Martenson


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