My Interview With The Man Behind Some of Your Favourite Films inc. SENNA, AMY, Man From U.N.C.L.E, The Lady in The Van, Allegiant

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Hi Steemions...In this exclusive special guest interview, I  catch up with one of the worlds leading  feature film colorists , Paul Ensby, in his Soho grading theatre at the prestigious post-production facility Company 3

Freshly back from LA, Paul gives exclusive colourist commentaries of the trailers of four of his most recent films including Amy, Man From U.N.C.L.EThe Lady in the Van and Allegiant,  explaining what it was like working on the films and intriguing behind  the scenes insights. He outlines the role of a colourst, how you go  about forging a career as a grader and reveals what happened when he  worked with legendary director, Lord Richard Attenborough.     

Paul began his career within the industry in 1990 when he followed his father and grandfathers footsteps into the Technicolour  laboratory in London. There he began to work as a 35mm photochemical  feature colour grader, working with some high profile directors such as Ridley Scott and Jane Campion.  Just after the turn of the century, grading digitally began to rise in  popularity and Paul was at the forefront of this new technology,  initially with Cinesite Europe and then back under Technicolour as their  principal colourist in London. He joined the ranks at Company 3 in late 2014. His credits include ‘Kingdom of Heaven‘, ‘Amy‘, ‘Hanna‘, ‘The Man From Uncle‘ and many more.

Watch the Full Video Interview (Featuring Footage from the Film)

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