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We have written articles about Republic Wireless before, but their new product warrants a dedicated article.

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Republic Wireless now allows you for no extra charge to use your cell phone service for your home phone using VOIP. One cell phone line but you can use you home and cell phone at the same time, you can even call one with the other! This service is free if you have a phone plan with Republic. Both my wife and daughter both have republic phones both with $20.00 a month plans. Unlimited talk and text with 1 gig of data per month (and $5 for additional gigs if you want). The product is called Extended Home Kit for Phone Service (details below).

Think about it, if you sign up for a Republic plan and pay $20.00 a month, that is which is $240.00 a year for Unlimited Talk/Text (US and Canada) and 1 Gig a month Cell phone, plus unlimited calling for your house phone as well. If you pay for the year in advance you receive two free months of service bringing your #total #home and #cell #phone #bill to #200 #Dollars per year! Some people pay close to that in two months. A dollar saved is a dollar earned!

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From their website

"Calling Features
See the name (if applicable) and number of a caller on your phone’s CallerID screen.

CallerID and Number Masking
Block your CallerID name and number when placing an outbound call by dialing *67 (+ number being dialed).

Call Waiting
Be alerted of an incoming call when you’re currently in another call. The name (if applicable) and number of the incoming call will be shown on your phone’s CallerID.

Three-Way Calling
Talk to two other parties at once.

Unlimited calling to US and Canada
Calls to any US or Canadian phone number are included in your My Choice plan.

Last Call Return
Quickly return the last call received by dialing *69.

Relay service for those with hearing or speech disabilities.

7-Digit Dialing
Allows you to dial local phone numbers without the area code.

Dial 911 to be connected to emergency services.

Note: The Extend Home adapter is a VoIP device. E911 Service may be limited or unavailable in the event of a power outage or internet failure, we highly recommend you have an alternate means of contacting 911. If you make a E911 call from this device, you will be routed to a regional public safety answering point (PSAP) or a national call center. In either case, be ready to provide the emergency dispatcher with your actual location from where you are calling.

Additional Features and Benefits
No Additional Monthly Service Cost
Enjoy this benefit without any additional monthly fee.

Works even if your Republic Wireless phone doesn’t
If your Republic Wireless phone is lost, stolen, damaged, or off, you can still make and receive calls from your home phone.

Exclusive Spam Call-Blocking Technology
When Republic Wireless Spam Call Blocking is enabled in the Republic app on your cell phone, your home phone is also protected when associated with an Extend Home adapter. For more info, see Spam Call Blocking.

Shared Phone Number
One phone number works with your cell phone and home phone. Each phone can be used independently and even call each other.

Shared Voicemail
Access your voicemail from your cell phone or home phone.

Note: Requires using the Republic Wireless voicemail service instead of a home phone messaging system. To access voicemail from a home phone, dial *98

Portal-Based Setup
Easy configuration from a phone, tablet, or computer through your Republic Wireless Online Account Portal.

Compatible with all Standard Residential Home Phones
Use any standard, push-button home phone with one or more handsets.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you’re not happy, we’ll give you a full refund (excluding initial shipping charges) within 14 days of delivery. See our Money Back Guarantee for more information."


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