Amazon/Whole Foods merger and how that benefits you

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In eposide 6 of the Emancipated Human podcast, Luis talks about futurism, grocery stores fighting for your money and more.
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Listen here -->

Also on my website: Amazon/Whole Foods merger and how that benefits you


capitalism. amazon will someday know what you need before you even know

hello, you don't answer in facebook, please follow the rules in the group before you post in it, here are the rules :

i havent received any notifications from any steemit groups about the rules. but thank you! i will read.

how can i join

I think This merge will bring easiness for us ....

good post man !!
you have a good idea...
continue ,i support you @emancipatedhuman ...

order banana and other things in amazon
next day party supply.

Jist found your podcast and I love it!! So cool I found you on here.

thank you so much! glad to see you here as well!

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