6 best ptc sites to earn bitcoin

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The value of bitcoin increases day by day, so it is the best time to earn Bitcoin and invest in bitcoin. If you are looking for legit PTC site to earn bitcoin free then you are in right place. There are many PTC sites to earn free bitcoin but after some time they become a scam, but here we discuss the legit PTC site which pays regularly paying.

Ptc (pay to click) is the simplest way to earn bitcoin free, you have to just signup and view 10-15 sec add daily and you will get rewarded. But before signup, you have to need bitcoin wallet address to signup and for withdrawal your payment. There is much company provide bitcoin wallet address like Blockchain, coinbase, coinpayment.net.

To earn more bitcoin you should join all PTC sites. Open all the PTC site at the same time to click more ads and for save more time. You can convert bitcoins into USD, EURO, RUPEE any time, there are lots of companies are available to convert or exchange bitcoins.

So let's discuss some high paying site:


  1. adbtc.top -:

surf daily 40 to 50 ads of 15sec. Earn with by surf ad and also have auto-surfing. Per click earns up to 100 satoshis. Referral Commission with 7.5% lifetime. Minimum payout 15000 satoshis directly into bitcoin wallet.

Click here for sign up: https://adbtc.top/r/l/31936

  1. btcclick :

It is a legit and high paying site. Earn up to 0.0098 mbtc per click. Here is an option of referral rent by this we can buy referral and when they click on ads we get the commission. It has high referral commission 60 to 80% lifetime.
Minimum payout 0.1 mbtc i.e 10000 satoshis. If you buy a package of Premium membership your earning will be double for every click.

Click here for sign up: http://btcclicks.com/?r=cefacd62

  1. btc4ads :

Daily 17 to 20 ads. 0.0098 satoshi per click. Premium members will earn 200% from their own ad click and up to 150% from their referral. Minimum payout 25000 satoshis.

Click here for sign up: http://btc4ads.com/?r=E3LVqHJ6OF

  1. btcvic-


Receive 500 satoshi signup bonus. Guaranteed ads daily. Get 50% referral commission lifetime. 15000 minimum payout.

Click here for sign up: http://btcvic.com/r/b5a615b13985b2757031

  1. coinbulb :

Daily 17 to 20 ads guarantee. Earn 0.00168 mbtc per click. 60 to 100% referral commission lifetime. Minimum payout 0.5 mbtc directly into bitcoin wallet.

Click here for sign up: https://coinbulb.com/login

  1. coinadder-

Daily guarantee Earn 75 satoshi per ad click and 500 satoshis sign up bonus. 20% referral commission.

Click here for sign up: https://coinbulb.com/login

These are the high paying PTC sites to earn more bitcoin without investment. Create an account in all these high paying sites visits regularly.

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Scarlet Clicks Ptc Site payment proof Oct 5, 2019
Signup link : http://bit.ly/2PBmCqd
I received payment $ 9.50 USD Oct 5, 2019 to my AirTM Account
Payment proof image: https://prnt.sc/pfge4j


Recently I received 10000 satoshi from btcvic.
They pay within one day.
Signup link : http://bit.ly/2vpgeMd
Here you find best paying sites:
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