Jeff Berwick Exposes The Federal Reserve and The Entire Matrix Control System on The American Intelligence Report

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I was on the American Intelligence Report Radio show this morning with Kristan T. Harris who I first met at Bilderberg this year.

One of the first things we cover in our interview, which is asked of me quite frequently, is the answer to the question, “For listeners out there who are not familiar, what are the big points on bitcoin they should know?”

This, of course, is a simple question with a long answer, but chances are if you’re reading this you likely already know at least a little bit about bitcoin. If you don’t, check out our four-video tutorial here where you can actually get your first $50 in bitcoin for FREE when you subscribe!

I start by explaining how bitcoin really brings the power of money back to the people as opposed to fiat money which is inherently designed to steal from the masses through the hidden tax of inflation.

As the interview progresses, we talk about how exactly the last financial crisis was engineered by the Federal Reserve in concert with their brethren at all the other central banks in the world and how this paradigm of central banking was designed by secret societies to control the population. And how it has been responsible for the death of hundreds of millions and the impoverishment of billions.

You can see this and much, much more here:

One of the most important points I make in the interview, which I would like to reiterate here, is that we can stop this system simply by moving away from it. That is, selling US dollars and other fiat currencies for gold, silver and cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

That’s right, no shots need be fired, nor a drop of blood lost and this entire evil system can disappear almost overnight.

Watch the video above to see how.


Let's take it a step further and start talking about how smart contracts on a blockchain like EOS can replace the majority of government functions. Vote for smart contracts instead of people and let the chain manage the money. Starving the beast is a start, but replacing it entirely is the end. Governance = DAPP.

While we certainly will get to something like this in the future, the super majority of people now have no idea how to even remember their password or re-connect to the internet. We have a long way to go before this happens, possibly hundreds of years.

Though I am hopeful it will be SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!! for sure :) :)

But yes I do agree, smart contracts like this would be best and if it is secured and signed would be able to replace voting systems completely.

I agree wit you 100%
But will it happen?
Will people accept that if 50% of the population doesn't know about Bitcoin

Exciting times for crypto and for gold and silver I think

Wow, keep up the good work Jeff! I only first heard of you a couple months ago, but I've been telling my friends to check you out! Thanks!

I'm going to enjoy cryptos eating up the FED.

Stay woke 👍

crypto best invention

Gold Backed Cryptocurrencies ... highly interested :)

same. although some say it defeats the purpose of cryptocurrency as it requires trust on centralized entities to store the gold.
Still I've invested in Xaurum which is backed by Gold and soon even Real Estate.

Another great explaination Jeff: "... Bitcoin actually brings the power of money back to the people..."

Awesome! Let's do it..and let's wake everyone else up.. only problem is the majority of people think the dollar will live forever

The majority of the people still drink the water,vaccinations and think the "clouds" look lovely,little kids died at Sandy Hook and 9/11 happened just as their controllers told'em it did. Let alone a 47 story skyscraper,fell at 5 pm that day at free-fall speed with the help of nothing. Bldg.7 do the research. I could go on and on........

Jeff from one of your subscribers in Australia. Keep bringing this great content! If your not a premium subscriber. Pay the money. Trust me 1 of Jeff's calls will make that back for you! Thanks Jeff! Glad your diet is going well

Goldman Sachs has shown recently a great interest in bitcoin, they even have an interactive presentation on there website about the blockchain which worries me. I mean they can inflate bitcoin, but if they buy great amount of it the price will go higher. What are your thoughts on this? How can there money influence bitcoin and what do you think there goal is with it?

drumsta puts some food for thought here...what about all the other 'big players' who want to get in and take over, could they pump and dump to demoralise people to get involved in crypto, especially BC...(see: you cannot trust BC, but we have a better alternative, also based on BLOCKCHAIN..??!!) People should not be as naive as to think the ruling elites will use all their tricks in the satanist arsenal to destroy the spirit of crypto, and replace it b(u)y their own 'cleaned' version. Until now they certainly could manipulate the GOLD and SILVER markets, trend is really bearish now, many consider already to sell and lose trust... THAT is what they WANT the sheeple to do.

Jeff I heard a quote recently that I think you will like, and sums up the cryptos in 1 short sentence which should give some people a bit more confidence if they are worried about the recent dip in crypto prices.

"This is a FinTech revolution that is gradually going to replace the old system of money and asset ownership in its entirety, and that fact has not changed..."
-Chris Coney (Follow on Steemit at

Its all a game, but the plot twist, we lose overtime and grind and hustle to give them a large percent. Look at the breakdown in business, the harder I push and more I make, the more I pay. INSANE.

I don't know about most people, but Trump is making good moves for us "little guys" in the business world.

Great post Dollar Man!

For everyone not in the know, time to load up on phyz GOLD and SILVER !! CHEERS

I used to think your opinions were crazy and out of left field, but everything you say is also based on facts. "We are entitled to our own opinions but not our own facts".

Great post as usual Jeff. I'm glad that you take your work very seriously and are willing to be in the public eye exposing the truths of the financial system we live under. Not everyone has that degree of dedication and I though that you deserve to be noted for it. Can't wait for your next post.

you really told it as it is and i love it all

Great message! I agree, a peaceful revolt in the form of non-compliance and building a better / fairer system is the answer. We all have our part to play to build a better system - our part doesn't have to be grand, it can be a small thing -- like posting your thoughts or sharing a message!

Jeff you are a great BTC advocate and they way you casually address the fraudulent financial system is a great delivery - I hope it reaches many

As always nice to hear a smart conversation

Hello Jeff I think you should take a good at this video sharing site. It is a great youtube alternative and its free of cencorship and features an anarchy style based interface. You will love it.

Check out KushCoin on cryptopia , supposedly they signed a dispensary to use kushcoin

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You are forgetting one simpe defensiver manuever by the governent that could shut everything down... kill the internet and the blockchains all quit working. And don't think for a skinny minute the plans to derail crypto currencies have not already been made. As long as crypto currencies need even a trickle of electricty to flourish, we will always be at the mercy of Mr. Big... Unfortunately.

Awesome! Just getting ready to chill out for the night. Thanks Jeff, looking forward to putting my feet up and watching this!

A very tiring struggle, but behind it all there will be satisfactory results.

Shared it! Thank You for doing these!

Jeff is SPOT on and ending the FED means no more WORLD WARS. LUCY SITz

Nailed it. Solid post as usual mate.

Exciting and scary times for sure.

On Jeff's first point: most money created towards most people at the bottom of the pyramid is created via credit and loans. This is debt money and is exceedingly predatorial....This isn't the way it works at the top of the pyramid: up there they get the bottom of the pyramid to give them money for nothing via bond​ purchasing!

4:20 party on the quantitative easing bus!

Beautiful post ! Thank you so much for your effort !!

Upvoted !

5:54 I wouldn't say they can't stop it...They could, possibly, unleash the hell of full out worldwide war and that would put an end to Bitcoin; although even I don't think they are insane enough to do that......But, I could be wrong...

Awesome info jeff Thanks for this one

Great interview.

Jeff, you have amazing insight into the world of business and politics. Keep it up !

this is time to buy bitcoin

Great Information!

The central bankers are running scared with crypto currencies since they don't control it. Great vid.

each country should have a crypto currency with a real backing. backed by gold or whatever the country chooses. the problem is how fast the market changes. what if the price of gold goes down more than 10%? well everyone would be screwed.

but if we continue fiat and base it on the current amount of people and only allow the value of money to change on a base of living beings per state capital then we could have a currency that will never degrade or inflate to much for the country to go into a depression or some other honorable state of living.
sorry if i made no since, im tired and felt i should respond..

Hi @reapersremorse. You have a good view about fiat money i like it.

As stated in the aggreemnt, one of the absolute power that Fed Reserve have is to control the inflation of all country in the world!
You can see their result today by checking world forex chart. They have a power to controll all currencies!
Today you can buy a sheep, tomorrow you only can buy a wheat FedReserve can do this because they are the one who print the paper money.

You asking what happen if gold falls 10% at price.
What happen if fiat money falls at 1000% or even more?
See a Gold Price chart from last 10 years. Bearish or bullish

Wow, absolutely brilliant, Jeff. Amazing time we're living in, isn't it?! :)


Nice and informative..... The time fiat currencies has gone .... Now the world is moving on crypto currencies....and its a revolutionary good for the humanity...


Jeff, keep up the good work!

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Could end up being a BIG day for you today, Dollar Virgil? Is today the day you "out Cramer" Jim Cramer and become teh first person in history to generate two consecutive 30% drops in an asset selling above $1000 in a matter of weeks? I'm rooting for ya. CRUSH those crypto believers! LOL

We're exiting it with cryptos!

Hi @dollarvigilante. A really big thanks because you are the first source i heard about bitcoin n steemit. And both are very awesome. I really like the way you explain about our economy,finance which related to anarcho-capitalist. About Robert Kiyosaki is the funniest one lol.

I only got one question here. How to subscribe n get the $50 in bitcoin as you stated in this post?

Yo! Dollar Virgil, you are on your way! I couldn't find Cramer's "dive" button which would be "most" appropriate. But Jim Cramer said to relay this message to you.

I didn't think anyone would ever out Cramer Jim Cramer. You are already a legend in your own mind. Soon you will be a legend amongst the masses. Generating even more pain for the small investor than both Jim Cramer and Janet Yellen could ever hope to achieve. :-)

+1 for recommending Dash over Litecoin. Litecoin is just a copycat shitcoin, Charlie Lee didn't even get the P2SH prefix address right, he kept the same "3" prefix as Bitcoin. This means it's possible for someone to accidentally bitcoins to a litecoin address.

Yes the FED should be SHUT DOWN.
Yes the OFFENSE department should be SHUT DOWN.
The schFOOL system indoctrination camps should be SHUT DOWN.

Bitcoin will protect Your wealth

Out here I can say binary option trading is leading.

Jeff, this is - once again - right on the money (pun intended).

I love this video and conversation. It is a lot of information in a short amount of time. A good poster video for Bitcoin and Anarchy.

I'm not only going to resteem, but share in telegram groups and twitter.

Keep speaking truth, Jeff!

This really covers all the key points. Jeff, you mentioned the hippies. I think I'll blog about this, but the summer of love really kicked this whole thing off. Allen Cohen and his peers united the tribes because they realized that the hippies and the Berkeley war protesters would be stronger together...hence the human be-in and the start of the movement. This brings us to where we are today. I feel like they cracked the door open and now crypto has blasted it open.

Like Peter Schiff, I thought Bitcoin was the Beenie Baby of the 21st century. I now see that cryptocurrency is here to stay. The only vulnerabilities are the public utility electric grid and internet data services (cable and cell). I think that humanity could government proof themselves if they could generate these two things on an individual basis in an affordable way. Working on it.

I officially have more worth in precious metals and crypto than fiat. I have physical ownership of my metals, and I hold my private keys in my Trezor.
I'm loving it!™️

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