Doug Casey On Trump, Cryptocurrencies, the Coming Collapse and the End of Western Civilization

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I had the opportunity to interview my good friend Doug Casey here at FreedomFest in Las Vegas this week. He and I talked about several different subjects including the (s)election of Donald Trump and of course, the hottest topic; cryptocurrencies.

Doug mentions that the bad news about Trump is that he has no philosophical core or beliefs, but he thinks that it’s interesting that the Deep State hates Trump for being a loose cannon and rather uncontrollable.

Doug talked about how he thinks the US is on the brink of a massive financial collapse and subsequent revolt and likened the US economic situation to a hurricane, saying that we’re nearly out of the eye of the storm and that the trailing edge is about to pass over and bring destruction with it. I pointed out that this kind of disaster could be what’s necessary to get the general public to wake up to the truth about the government and central banks.

Doug congratulated me for being such an early adopter of cryptocurrency and also said he feels that blockchain tech is a lot like 1998 and the last tech bubble and that there will be plenty of losers, ups, and downs, but also that there is much more money to be made in the space.

Very interestingly, he also commented that he thinks this is a good time to start getting back into precious metals mining stocks as they’re quite undervalued at the moment in his opinion.

Doug is always one of the most interesting people to interview. He always has an intelligent, wry and informed, unique opinion.

You can see it here:

We are just about to release the next issue of The Dollar Vigilante newsletter which covers everything going on in the cryptocurrency space, including the potential bitcoin fork which may occur in the next few weeks and how to prepare and possibly profit from it.

And, much more, including TDV’s Senior Analyst, Ed Bugos’, commentary on some of the best gold mining stocks that Doug Casey thinks are currently undervalued.

You can get access to it all HERE.


good post:)

Agree with you. It was an interesting video, and I appreciated the commentary.

Mr. Casey doesn't seem to grasp the full import of Bitcoin.

This is usually due to inherent mistrust of new technologies, and he's an old-school kind of guy. He'd be wise to hedge some of his portfolio in crypto, it might be the only real hedge that isn't fully captured by the government.

Gold, and other metals unfortunately are completely ring-fenced by the powers-that-be, and they use the sale of Gold coins and rounds to finance their activities.

Why people still advocate Gold and Silver is really puzzling - it just seems like it all falls on "well, its been around for a long time, so..." -- and the government relies on this attitude too, so that people buy from them directly (and indirectly).

I'm sure most will disagree, but I'm used to being a lone holdout while the world slowly turns towards the truth.

You can hold the physical medal in your possession. No internet needed. That is still going to be an advantage in a worst case scenario


Dave B

I disagree. In a worst case scenario, the currency will be water and food - in that order.

You don't see people setting up benches with scales after a natural disaster, waiting for customers to redeem gold for services.

Besides, no one is going to carry around an assaying kit to make sure what you have is real, if they are going to transact with you. It isn't practical when there isn't any trust. And there wouldn't be much trust post-apocalypse.

I don't think there is a solution to that kind of apocalypse except for a sound mind and lots of knowledge. Trust me bitcoin will be safe, but will you be able to exchange? Until at least 50% of population either have crypto or metal, that kind of apocalypse will hurt for all

There are basically two possible scenarios. The first is an economic collapse where some sense of order is maintained. In that scenario precious metals will be accepted and valuable. History of other collapses proves this. Venezuela today proves it.

The second scenario is far worse, and all usual forms of wealth will be meaningless. If things get so bad that your primary concerns are safety and food, no investment is going to matter. You will only care about how to live. That scenario will also probably only be within the northern hemisphere.

You should still make those investments though since the worst scenario will hopefully be avoided, and the other scenario makes a majority of such investments still worth holding. Besides, no amount of preparedness is ever enough, and you can always be more prepared.

Once you have a decent amount of applicable skills, food, water sources, ammunition, weapons, etc., you should start to diversify your wealth. Spread it around to a ton of different baskets or hedges. No one should be buying anything like that though until they are out of debt and have the basic preparedness items checked off.

Venezuela citizens are turning more towards Bitcoin than trying to buy gold rounds. They're also fleeing that country, and I don't see the advantage to having bulky metal in a pocket that can be taken by border security.

I don't think Gold is the real standard, anymore. Its been pummeled into the ground by captured markets, and the stifling regulation and banking laws make sure that you can't easily transact using metals without every middleman taking a slice.

Honestly, if it was such a threat to sovereign monetary policy, they wouldn't be selling coins from their Treasury.

Silver has been mentioned numerous times as a way to purchase food there right now.

The only thing that turns up with "silver, food, venezuela" is a PR post on zerohedge by a metals concern and a few random quotes by people holding silver pumping their book.

I don't see any mainstream or independent media reports that they are using silver as a daily means to put food on the table. It looks like an out-of-context PR snippet gone viral instead.

Their fiat currency is practically worthless, and goods are still being exchanged. You really hate PM's, ehh? Crypto is helping people there too. If people are using crypto, surely PM's are being used as well.

Precious metals should be just another basket of many hedges. It doesn't hurt to have 5-10% of your wealth within them.

"You don't go broke buying IBM", until then, you do.

I don't subscribe to any strategy just because others do - it has to be a bit more meaningful than that. I prefer crypto as a hedge. Its one of the only asset classes that hasn't been ring-fenced by governments.

It's not a "do this and nothing else" strategy though. Crypto should not be your only investment. You should own land, precious metals, some stocks, some peer to peer lending notes, etc. The point is to spread your wealth around to many different things to better protect it and limit your risk. I have both crypto and PM's along with a TON of other hedges.

5% is a pretty small amount too.

The Dollar Vigilante on the streets of Acapulco after the collapse.

After the collapse, BTC prices will skyrocket. Instant millionaire if you only hold 1 BTC.

The comment from Doug which struck me most was "treat government with the respect it deserves, which is none" - a shame there isn't anywhere without one! We can escape them financially in the crypto world but in the physical plane, we all have to live somewhere - time to move to Argentina? Thanks Jeff - great interview, I really enjoyed it.

Yes! That was the best line in the interview. /cheer

Get back on that "Silver" people... no one is talking about it For a few years... still under $20, GREAT BUY :)

Yes, the up side is huge. Silver is one of many baskets for me though. I like having LOTS of options. :)

You are right, actually some precious metals are undervalued. And i will recommend people to invest in silver and gold, but i believe that the price of silver can be more than gold in the next coming years. Therefore, it's good to invest now and enjoy the benefit of this investment later.

Jeff Berwick has become my favorite media personality. He has the most pure message IMO.

Thanks for sharing.

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Excellent post!! Thank you

Thanks for posting this video, Jeff. I can relate to your comments about the pace of life in these modern days. It is difficult to sit down and read anything substantial, anymore. In fact, I haven't read any books, fiction or otherwise, in at least four years, but I have managed to enjoy dozens of books over that time through the wonder of audio books. I "read" (i.e. listen) in the car and when I can, even at work. Thanks to my membership I have been able to continue to indulge my love of books despite not being able to read them the "old-fashioned" way. I just looked and found Doug's book "Speculator: Higher Ground Book 1" on and I have put it on my Wishlist--sounds like it would be an interesting "read." Thanks again, Jeff.

Lol the US dollar has been terrible the last couple of months. Down 7 months in a row against my home currency :(

Rothschild money will continue to decline. Crypto up.

Trump :D

good post

Jeff we love your work and keep it up and never give up

I highly recommend the youtube channel Viking Preparedness for sound advice on preparedness. Spoiler, it's not flashy and it's not like in the movies!

Your post is very intelligent and well thought out.

If you're broke like most people, save a few bucks a month and buy as much lube as you can before the collapse. There's gonna be a whole lotta assfuckin' goin' around!

I think doug has very negative opinion because i am very confident that crypto currency and blockchain tech is future of all currencies.

Thanks for a very informative post.

I enjoy listening to doug casey, and you too jeff of course lol...thanks jeff! May the blessings be.

In regards to "no philosophical core or beliefs", could what seems to be "spontaneous biases" really be an experiment?

Nice job pumping out these great interviews! Keep up the great work :)

I was really pissed at President Trump when he launched those 59 tomahawks. I thought he had sold out to the deep state. But now, I hear he's going to pull funding for all those rebels fighting Syrian President Assad, including what's left of ISIS. Hallelujah! As long as he keep fighting the good fight, and even if he's loses a lot of battles and still says stupid things, he's got my vote in 2020.

People can learn more from the Drudge Report:

very interesting interview

Great article, thank you! I follow you!

Listening to you can Casey talk, it's true that actually reading books has become rare. I'm in the middle of one now - Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins. If you do happen to get the urge to crack open a book, this one is pretty eye opening.

Exelent post friend

It was nice to read :) Very good info :)

Awesome post. @jeffberwick always the best when it comes to crypto advice. Big ups sir

Dear Jeff,

I am one of your fan. first of all thanks for your nice videos and efforts.
I really appreciate your reply on my post to tell me the real value of steem. I want to invest very much on steem, but with this business plan I am sure it fails in future.

Thanks a lot.

Great article!! It will be really interesting to see wheee we go from here as an investment. I ageee the precious metal mining stocks are good values as well. Check out some uranium while you're at it

You got me inspired Jeff! Thinking about making a move to Mexico or South America

Amazing, nice post, thank you for sharing.

good article.

Good job my friend.. Follow n upvote my post.. @ichsan83..thanks..

It is good to see Doug Casey again.

Hard Fork what will it mean for Bitcoin? Price drop or price hike? One Bitcoin or two? How to profit?

I would take their advice and move out of the U.S. death camp immediately!

whilst i do hope the system will collapse.. ive stoped hedging my bets on it.. ever since 2012 i decided to stop wishing / worrying about doomsday ideas and rather just get on with making the best changes i can in this very moment.. for me that meant getting self sufficient off grid and secure against most of the effects of a system collapse..

ALso, whilst i believe it may happen, i think people have been predicting this sort of thing for years and somehow the timebomb keeps ticking!

Good information. I will take this into consideration for the future! Thx!

Great interview Jeff always informative when you have Doug Casey on

good article. But touch the theme of russia!!!!

I'm new to Steem, thanks for the inspiration! Please come check out my posts, too! Upvoted, followed :)

Great interview Jeff. Love hearing both of you guys discuss these big topics.

Great advice Doug gave, where can I get a copy of his book "Drug Lord"?
Would have loved to hear him tell of another tale traveling the trains.

I have made a ton of money over the last 20 years :) following Doug Casey. I am a big fan of his! I have one other I follow and pay attention to as well now, The Dollar Vigilante, I have made a ton of money over the last 2 years following him. I research everything either one talks about, then either I participate or not. I have learned some lessons about not being on board, but the best lessons have been about being on board and taking some action to what the recommended idea may be :) I am grateful!

Always nice to hear from Doug Casey

Is Doug Casey coming to Anarchapulco 2018? Would be great having him at Acapulco, Mexico @dollarvigilante

Awesome post man . he seems like a man who I can hear from all day long

thanks jef info was great as am new here i appreciated it allot

good post "where can I get a copy of his book"