As Predicted, Deutsche Bank Is Failing, ATMs Go Dark on Jubilee End Day

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On Friday, Deutsche Bank’s stock (DB:NYSE) rose 14% on rumors that it had negotiated a settlement with the US Department of Justice’s demand for $15 billion (which is the entire market capitalization of Deutsche Bank) down to $5.6 billion (which would still decimate Deutsche Bank).

Well, it turns out that rumor was completely unsubstantiated.

There is no settlement. And it’s just amazing that the US Dept. of Justice, knowing that Deutsche Bank’s failure would rip the heart out of the European banking industry, is pushing ahead with their demands anyway.

In its last months the Obama administration is showing its true colors more clearly than ever. It is nothing but an appendage of London’s City and the plan continues to be to sink the European and world economy ASAP.

We’ve predicted this in the past, specifically mentioning the trigger could be Deutsche Bank.

There’s no doubt banking elites continue to intend to undermine what’s left of the solvency of the world. Fortunately, we track these issues on an ongoing basis via Shemitah Trends. This has provided us extraordinary insights into what’s happening today and what’s going to happen tomorrow.

It’s now being reported by the Frankfurter Allegemeine Zeitung, a German newspaper, that DB executives are US-bound in the coming days to negotiate the widely talked about $14 billion settlement over residential mortgage backed securities.

However, the FAZ didn’t cite any sources for this information and DB failed to respond immediately, according to Zero Hedge, in regard to their chief executive, John Cryan’s travel plans. Which is a pretty clear indication that the $5.6 Billion settlement number “obtained from twitter” is a total fabrication.

This makes perfect sense. None of this is supposed to be settled anytime soon. The idea is to make the global economic infrastructure tremble. The worse it gets, the easier it becomes to install a truly globalized economy.

So if you are expecting the problems to slow or even cease, don’t get your hopes up. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Deutsche, it’s looking to be like Wells Fargo 2.0. The grim news will continue throughout next week, and it won’t be getting any better.

Bloomberg, for instance, just reported that six former and current DB managers were charged in Milan for conspiring to manipulate the market and to falsify the accounts of Italy’s third largest bank; Monte de Paschi - which in and of itself is on the brink of insolvency.

Because of the way Italian laws work, Deutsche bank is in even hotter water: They can’t defer blame to underling employees the way Wells Fargo did.

And now, on Sunday, it was reported by Bild, a german tabloid, that Deutsche Bank clients have been locked out of removing cash from their accounts at ATMs.

Having this occur on the exact end day of the Jubilee Year, with Deutsche Bank clients locked out of their accounts, is amazing to see. (We would be truly astonished, if we hadn’t anticipated just this sort of scenario.)

Banks are closed in Germany on Monday so we’ll have to wait until Tuesday to see what happens to Deutsche Bank… whether their clients regain access to their funds and/or if Deutsche Bank itself collapses.

If Deutsche Bank does collapse this weekend, then it will very, very quickly be game over for the entire Western financial system. If it were to collapse and Merkel has already said there will be no bailout, it would set off a 2008-esque Lehman Brothers event…. Except this time, much, much bigger and worse.

If Deutsche Bank collapses this weekend we could see all Western banks close as the entire system melts down.

This is a very real possibility. If you haven’t begun to buy gold, silver and bitcoin as partial protection you should be doing that immediately. And we suggest having at least one month (although six months is better) of cash on hand in case of bank closures. Even Angela Merkel warned Germans last month to have at least 10 days of food, water and cash on hand. Was this the reason why?

We received a flood of new German subscribers on Friday - mostly because it is obvious we understand what’s going on and have already made predictions on actions to take. But please don’t wait until the last day before your bank and ATM shut down. Please do something to protect yourself NOW. We can’t do anything but write about it, and offer our advice. But YOU can act today.

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However, the FAZ didn’t cite any sources for this information and DB failed to respond immediately, according to Zero Hedge, in regard to their chief executive, John Cryan’s travel plans. Which is a pretty clear indication that the $5.6 Billion settlement number “obtained from twitter” is a total fabrication.

"xxx failed to respond immediately" is one of the most empty and meaningless statement among journalists arsenal of empty statements. It basically just means that the journalist sent an email or tried to call at the last minute, and didn't get an immediate answer. How entitled does one have to feel to require immediate answers from big businesses about one's petty journalist questions! Hardly anything worth mentioning anyway if you are not trying to pad an empty article with pseudo-facts.

Yet, you manage to conclude that this empty statement is "a pretty clear indication that the $5.6 Billion settlement number 'obtained from twitter' is a total fabrication". Just LOL. You are grasping at straws @dollarvigilante. It's 3rd October already. Ding Dong. Where is the global collapse your promised us?


Hey @dollarvigilante - $DB Is going to the MOON Oct 10th



For the tinfoiled vigilante everyday is a collapse day.


uninformed fools.


@dollarvigilante I like your attitude lol

good predictions so far - be a boy scout and always be prepared!

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Calm down. Nothing will happen here.

If central banks can't solve a problem with money, they always can solve it with more money, created out of thin air.

Drew out my last 250 Euro out of Deutsche Bank last Friday, to spend it with the steemfest people in Amsterdam.



It would be even funnier if it weren't the truth.

Been saying it for years, as well...preparation is a good idea. Sadly, most people around me don't agree. Yet. But they'll learn...

Great advice to get silver, gold, and bitcoin but before buying any of those make sure you have at least a months supply of food, water, cooking fuel, an ample supply of currency in smaller denominations, and an escape plan to Acapulco or another safe city outside the reach of Western capital controls. Be smart and be safe!


Good advice!

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Every day is collapse Day.

Hello @dollarvigilante, this is so indeed very worrying as you so rightly say !! This is quite rightly a " controlled demolition " and all preplanned as you suggest !! Have you seen this film ? I think you should as the three day interval you mention here struck me very quickly !! This is a precedent test of something I believe is about to happen world wide ! Please watch the film and let me know your thoughts. thanks Steem On !!

@dollarvigilante it is not a prediction when it is a well established fact since 6 years that the Deutsche Bank is in trouble and has no way out it.

This is way too alarmist...
Liberals are so melodramatic.


classical liberals at best. Do you have any idea who I fucking am?


Jeff doesn't always appeal to authority...

...but when he does, he's the authority.


Beyond your tin foiled circle you are a nobody that got lucky and is now full of sensationalist shit.


Liberals? Anarcho-capitalists are the opposite of liberals...


People that toss around the word Liberals and Conservatives just show they haven't seen through that farce. They definitely don't know much about Anarcho-Capitalism though. So I agree with you. Though in reality...

Forget the name Liberal and Conservative for today.

If you do go with the original meanings then Ancap is basically the end result of taking Libertarian principles and taking them as far down the rabbit hole as you're brave enough to go.

That means ancap should be socially liberal, and fiscally conservative but NOT in the sense of what those words mean today (which is basically nothing useful).

Baaanggg !
Might have to give Bank Austria in Vienna a visit tomorrow. I am really curious what will happen on Tuesday....

News 1 hour ago:

from Sept 16th :

As a DeuBa customer for over 20 years, I am glad to have only a few Euros left there. I prefer Gold and Bitcoin without default risk:

Interesting article. The international banking system has to fail at some point. My only question is, why have six months' worth of cash if everything does go to pieces and money isn't worth much? I would expect hyperinflation to kick in once the banks fail?

I suppose shorting the s&p and nasdaq would be a prudent play?


I wonder if anyone has shorted them already...

Thx for posting this is extremely important. Here is my post on computational trust.

My next post I will be calling for a debate on processing power here on the steemit feed. I won the debate on reddit already but want it attached to a blockchain - any and steemit will do for now. After that my post will be for steemit to attach itself to the only true blockchain via a hashing of every 400 man hours of content sent to a satoshi so we have it etched in stone for 3000 years not just until steemit the genius semi decentralized entity survives.

Shared on twitter Twitter✔ for my followers to read. Another great piece and thanks for sharing. Up-voted. I posted a piece earlier on GOLD & SILVER that you and your followers may find interesting. If you get a minute have a read.

“103,675,044,720,163 Reasons why GOLD and SILVER will be $27,000oz and $700oz by 2021..!!”


Thank you for the great post. A quick question.

Many of us have cyclic withdrawal obligations from our bank accounts (eg. monthly mortgage payment), in the event of total collapse and ATM restrictions would you say it's better to take out ALL cash now and have it in hand or leave enough in the bank to cover a few months of automatic bill payments?
Thank you,



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the end is close .

come join the new trend
just tag it excavator

Wtf did just happen to gold?? 1270$/oz right now


NFP week. Every week of NFP, 1st friday of every month ....during the week of NFP, the forex market, especially gold goes crazy without good reasoning. Many Forex traders capitalize on the biggest movements of Forex market on Friday morning when market opens 8:00am EST.


But it's tuesday?

Let me get ready.

Time will tell if you're right... or just crazy.