Survey Finds Over 70 Percent of Respondents Say They are Eager to Return to Work

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A recent survey showed that roughly 72 percent of employees are eager to get back to their offices and start working again, engaging with coworkers and friends.

The same survey found that about half of those who took part said they thought they would be back to work as usual by the summer. For many they might be right as a variety of jurisdictions move toward phase 2 and 3 of their reopening plans.

Business Coming Back To Life

The reopening plans that are already underway include many businesses reopening like salons, barbers, bars, restaurants, retail outlets, massage services, cafes, and other venues.

For many others who have been out of work for the past few weeks, month or more, they might still be enjoying their time off that they've been given and hoping that it continues so long as they have funds to maintain a comfortable standard of living in the meantime.

Many don't have that luxury though of sitting at home because they need to work to pay their bills and aside from that motivation to provide for their families at this time, others are also missing that social engagement that comes from the workplace environment as well.

Working with others

It might not be for everyone, but for some individuals that environment is how they thrive.

The survey only asked about 1100+ people their opinions about getting back to work. It was also an online poll conducted by The Harris Poll. Among the top motivations for wanting to get back to work were the need for socializing with coworkers and the need for that in-person collaboration that you find in the work environment.

Past investigations have found that collaboration in the workplace helps to drive performance. That team environment can help more people to feel motivated to work toward accomplishing certain tasks or challenges. Not only can engaging with others at work be fun but it can also be productive, fueling creative and efficient results.



Great post my friend 🤝 I think most do want to get back to work but if everyone gets back to work to soon it will be a big mistake and another outbreak is inevitable !trdo

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