How did I earn on stock market--- from $ 40 --- 79 BTC for 8 months

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How did I earn from $ 40 ... 79 BTC for 8 months

The crypto stock exchange has a huge offer, it is difficult to choose the right investment.

It was not easy, at first I lost $ 10, and then I saw the money that attracted me ...


I invested $ 30 and I earned almost $ 15,000 on Zilbercoin for 2 months...
I sold it before it started to fall.

The other money I invested in was Poswcoin. I earned almost 15 times on the investment.

The next investment was Dimecoin, I bought 15 billion for the price of 0.1 BTC
Currently worth around 0.8 BTC ... Calculate how much I have earned on it ...?

The question you are now asking is "how did I know the money in when and how to invest?

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So you claim to be goranmk, the user from that screen shot?
Correct me if I am wrong, but apparently dime/BTC is at 1 satoshi at, how can it be growing if it is at the minimum possible?
Fair questions having in mind that your account is ultra new and all...
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I'm also interested in the secret. My guess is that it is luck?

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I have after this post a few explanations of how I did it. Read my posts @wyredin