First Distribution of Coins for Mannabase Starting March 1st! Hurry and Sign up!

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I first heard about Mannabase from a post from @taskmaster4450. I quickly signed up via the above image to "Get Started". This was about a month ago and I think that was the only action required at the time. After providing and email address I was given a referral link and started to spread the word to friends and family.

What is Mannabase?

Straight from their homepage:

Manna is the world's first universally accessible, people-powered alternative currency.

No matter who you are or where you're from, we believe you have a basic human right to share in the money supply.

The vision of Mannabase is to empower the people of the world by making cryptocurrency accessible and available to everyone, and to provide a tool for effective altruism to reduce poverty and inequality.

To learn more checkout their whitepaper and infographic on their website:

SIGN UP TODAY! First Distribution for FREE coins start on March 1st!

I never received an email from Mannabase after providing my email and I was reminded to re-visit their site from a couple of @taskmaster4450 posts pertaining to the topic. I went back to the site this past weekend and signed up for an account, just in time for the first distribution.

After verifying my account, I am able to see that the next distribution is on March 1st. I also learned that 1 manna = $0.02.

This is a friendly reminder for those of you not signed up to do so. Who doesn't want some free coins? Although I'm uncertain of how much or what the distribution will be, there's really no risk, so why not?

To Sign Up, visit mannabase and provide your email. Also, don't forget to register through the "SIGN UP" link on the top navigation on the website (something I almost forgot to do).

Full disclaimer, the link above is my referral link. Sign up and spread the word - I'm assuming the more referrals you get, the larger your distribution.


Thanks for letting me know! Will sign up through your referral link as a thanks haha

Thank you sir! Less than 24 hr countdown before the first distribution!

Great news man... i'll sure sign up...👍

Hey @dirkboy41!
Thank you sharing the information! Signed up under you! 🙂
But I have one question. Most of the websites like this usually sends an email confirmation after sign-up, which was not the case with Manna!

Is there any chance that this could be a scam?

P.S. I would really like to get an answer from you!
Upvoting self for visibility! No reward pool rape intended!!!

Did you actually register for an account? This would require giving your address and phone number. You can do this through the "SIGN UP" tab in the navigation of the site. I got an email confirmation after I actually registered for an account vs just giving me email address for updates. Hope this helps!

I went to their homepage and entered my email in the "get started" section!
Isn't it the right way to sign up?

EDIT: Okay! My mistake! Instead of signing up, I clicked "get started". Fixed that, signed up under you.Could you explain in detail what manna is?

Thanks for this usefull information

No problem, sign up today and you could be eligible for the first distribution going out tomorrow!

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