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i've been entirely motivated to be the first multimillionaire of the family,
i have felt it in me since i was a child. everyone has a dream to be one but my dream
has always been a reality for me, like i've said before if you've read my previous posts
i was a child who got almost anything she wanted. but i worked for it, i received good
grades and in return was granted great gifts and a great allowance. about 20 to 40 dollars a week.
the only thing i did not learn was how to save that money. i quickly spent it on yugion cards
runescape money, habbo money, teddy bears etc. it was great to get what i wanted, but because
my parents and grandparents would still have money to get the other things i wanted, i didn't work
too hard just in school. but i see how much more there is for me, traveling and experiences.
creating a life not of mistakes, and "wishes" but "i'm glad i did", "glad i made those mistakes"
because living here in florida i've only made mistakes i learned from, and it gives me a more
reason to live my best life. i'm glad my mind has shift and i am no longer settling for middle class,
or comfort, but FINANCIAL FREEDOM. starting with assets, like forex, stocks and looking for
investments and selling techniques to get me to where i am meant to be.... all over the world.
paris seemed so far fetch back then, my family never traveled so i have never craved it more than
i have now, in my lifetime.

can i get an amen?
now to get back to work, on this financial information and physical gains!!

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