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Imagine a world where instead of posting on Facebook, everyone posted on the steem chain! This is possible and once we let go of the old platforms that simply use us and sell our private information to Market advertising, new Prosperity like never before could be possible. Steem is not just some coin , it is a community a people who are building the future that we really want to be in. Your upvotes are literally change and what we need most right now is change that is Meaningful. Promote steem to your friends on social media and if just 3,000 of us loyal active steem users were able to get 10 people or a hundred people to join, we will see massive growth and user adoption like never before. There is every potential that steem could be worth 10 or 50 or $100 per coin and at that price payouts would be significant, but we need to educate people on power ups and the importance of curation as well. Leave some comments below about how you will share steam with new users this week! Let's build the future that we want to see.

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cough Hive blockchain cough 😉🙃

I need more information than just coughing

Thank you, I appreciate your informing me of the fork. I thought it was just a possible fork, now I see it is happening. See you in the HIVE