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Your Social Security number is your account number and your'e worth Millions!
A Treasury account is the account the banks bought you as collateral, I'm about to reveal to you
a hidden fact only secret society members know and use to their benifit
Treasury Direct Accounts (TDA) are repositories of property being held IN trust, for You.
Yes humans are being treated like cattle! Basically you need to cash out you wealth before they do!
So now that you already obtain your account number which is your S.S. number now you need to obtain
the routing number. On the back of the card, there is a letter before the the digits. Use that letter to find the state
and which Federal Reserve bank is holding your account.

You can not take money straight from this account, but you can use it to pay off any of your bills.
For example, your Mortgage, phone bill, cable bill etc..

If the payment reverses IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT! Banks and lenders operate in fraud.

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is anyone actually took money out? anyone knows


You cant take money out, you can only pay bills. If you are having problem with the listed routing numbers. Use this one #051736158


This is my first time on this site. I sent a check to my Lender back on the 13th of September, using the same routing information that you provided here. However, they sent back a letter:

Re: Loan Number 606XXXXXX
Remittance in the amount of $204,726.50

Enclosed you will find the remittance referenced above, which we are returning for the following reason:

                        Item is non-negotiable (NOT VALID FOR LOAN PAYOFF/PAYMENT). 

It should have worked, but these sick bastards even went as far as citing an incorrect loan number on this remittance!! Do you have any suggestions as to what I should do next?


My SS code on back starts with an E, I tried that number and the one you listed and both Edison, and Capitol one say they are INVALID routing numbers..?? Help please!


I tried the routing number for letter E, and the #051736158 and both were not accepted by Edison & Capitol One.... please help

is this real?


The masons been doing it for years. Yes it is real! The hidden trust funds are real.

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@d1g1t4 Have you tried, this I am looking up this information ..

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Anyone wanting to play in this arena really needs to know what they are doing. Remember you are trying to play in their system and you are aren't invited. Better off exploring what the crypto world has to offer with all the opportunities available in this still very young market.

Just paid water and credit card bill. Now we wait a couple weeks to see if it gets reversed.


Sweet! Good work! I paid off my phone bill!


What happens if they reverse it ?

This doesn't work for me on any of my bills