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This time it's not bot data, but we bring to you an analysis of a small market:
Since Bitcoin is on a price of USD $6,097 (-13.34% than last week). It's have been a rough rally considering on December 2017 BTC reached $20,000, ie, it has fallen approximately 3.3 times. ¿What about a more smothly way with altcoins?
Despite the projected positive outlook, there is concern of the prolonged bear market...

"While volatility in encryption markets may attract big investors it is not yet clear whether the industry can support such a large amount of funds, with a limited track record" said Josh Gnaizda of Crypto Fund Research.

The market has been under pressure for a couple months, mostly because this delayed decision on whether to approve a bitcoin exchange-traded fund, a move that bitcoin bulls believe would have greatly increased the size of the market.

"If an ETF doesn't see the light in the coming weeks expect to see a further selloff, as it suggests regulators will continue to fight against bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream".


How do we solve this gap? R = Stable blockchains with real value.
With this in mind we bought Faircoin a few months ago and 2 days ago we sold 15% of the Faircoin to make a new bottom so that our friends could buy cheap.



0x8-08-13 12-19-02.png

FairCoin for short traders has 147.35% volatility in open markets. Considering it's highest price in USD all time high was $1.49. Right now, profits from this bottom are around +80%.

FairCoin had maintained a "stable price" for 3 years, the price agreed by the community.
That is to say, it's a social blockchain with a growing price and it adapts when it goes down (for merchants).
I took my research and I found also there are interesting people with projects that involve Faircoin, my favorite is Fairbank that is backed by Neil Haran and Marcus Dantus:

10348-08144 0-7-34.png
Marcus Dantus and Carlos Slim

This is crucial because not only opens the possibility to institutional money to come in, because the ecosystem is growing strong and more actors are coming in.

I just join the open conversation of this move and Faircoin derivatives and many great ideas. Perfect for big crypto-savings.
It really feels like FairCoin is connected to real values, e.g. on FairMarket and for exchanging goods and services at Local Nodes in many countries.


You can get Faircoin on https://www.coinexchange.io/ that is a really nice to use exchange.

What interest rate you think this context will bring?

  • We bet that FairCoin compared to total amount of M0 money worldwide will grow around: $0.0722, $0.1443, $0.577, $2.31+

  • Compared to total amount of M1 money worldwide: $0.4055, $1.62, $3.24, $6.49, $12.98+

  • Compared to total amount of M2 money worldwide: $1.03, $2.05, $4.10, $8.20, $16.41, $32.82+

    0x808-13 141408.png

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