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Ok so a few days ago I put up a post about Eobot and getting some free coins via their faucet and cloud mining. Today I wanted to put another one together showing you coinpot and the free faucets available and claimable as much as you like throughout the day.


I find that these sites are great to build up a balance of Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin when you are mucking around on your PC reading through Steemit, watching a movie or just browsing the net. They also give you the ability to click them really any time you like throughout the day making the amount you can receive entirely up to you. They will also increase the amount you receive gradually via a loyalty bonus and it doesn't take long to build up a balance sizable enough to withdraw to your respective wallets.


The minimum withdrawals for each are 50,000 Satoshi, 200,000 Litoshi and 50 Dogecoin. You can also convert your holdings into one currency if you are wanting to withdraw one sooner or build up a balance of one particular coin. Its a handy way to keep adding to your coin collection for very little work other than those annoying captcha verifiers and I can confirm they pay typically within 24 hours when you do withdraw. They also don't have any issues with the faucet running out of funds which can happen at other sites. So there it is guys if you are keen on getting something for nothing its worth a go, I have found it handy to build up a Litecoin balance and also fairly generous when it comes to payouts. Hit me up if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them.
The links are available below

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