Get Rich, Save Money (video/podcast)

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There's a lot of people out there who want to speculate in crypto, but they don't have the funds. You just gotta follow Uncle Kurt's simple and ingenious patented formula:

  1. Save money
  2. Make money

Let's talk about how to save money.

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Welcome to Cryptonomics, principles of cryptocurrency and investing.

Thank you so much to everyone who is sharing these articles, videos and podcasts, 1000 Christmas blessings on all your families.

If you want to invest in crypto or stocks or even your own business, you need to get capital first. I know from experience that saving small amounts of money every week can add up over the years. But you gotta find that money to save, to put that money into a fund to buy your own financial freedom, and it all starts with paying yourself first, being conscious of your money, learning restraint, and being grateful.

Pay yourself first

If you wait till the end of your pay period to see if you have money left over to save, you're leaving things up to chance, and you're likely to fail. Put money into your freedom fund as soon as you get paid. Pay yourself first.

These days we do have some tools which make the whole thing a bit easier. A lot of banks have automatic savings plans, where you can set the amount to go into your savings account on the day you get paid... Or set up a transfer every month so you send the money to the crypto exchange, ready to be launched to the moon.

In Australia, it can be cool to have a savings account with a separate bank... because bank transfers can take up to three business days. That means you don't have to worry about impulsively spending your money. Plan ahead, that goes for everyone, but especially if you have impulsive tendencies. You need to plan in a way that accounts for your nature.

There's also a bunch of apps that will round up your purchases and put the spare change into a savings account or investment. You can use different apps depending on where you live: Acorns in the USA, Raiz in Australia, Monzo in the UK.

Another way to build your freedom fund is a Save More Tomorrow plan, where, when you get a raise, some of the increase starts going into your 401k or superannuation.

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Conscious Spending

Have you ever looked at your bank balance, seen double or single digits and wondered, "where in the name of Eris did my money go?" That's a sign that your spending habits are unconscious. To control them, you must make them conscious.

For a long time, I'd always keep a notepad with me. I'd write how much I bought, every cent known, and later categorised. Even if I put a couple of coins into a busker's guitar case, I'd write it down. Probably not in front of him though.

Then you can enter them into a spreadsheet, or even use an app like You Need A Budget.

Review your spending and your receipts later and ask, did I really need this item? Did I use it, or end up throwing it out? Could I have found a cheaper way that was just as good, or better, with a similar amount of time and effort?

Review the spreadsheet and ask why you spent so much in each category. You might notice that a lot of money is actually going into the "entertainment" category, or a lot more goes on eating out than on home-cooked food.

Just the act of making your spending conscious can lead to great changes in the long term. Consciousness transforms everything to which it is applied.

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Control Yourself

One main reason people don't get ahead with money is because they haven't practised restraint. When they see something nice, their impulses take over, the salesgirl steps in and starts saying how much money you'll save if you buy today, and all of a sudden you've spent $300 on felt hats, French ticklers, and a new puppy.

That's a reason to learn to meditate. I was talking to my monk friend from Wat Tham Krabok the other day. He told me the two foundations of their meditation practice there are, practise with a certain intention, and practise for a certain period. If you say you will sit until the incense stick burns out, then that's what you do. You might have all kinds of whims while you're seated, but you persist, you do what you set out to do. You practise integrity, ignoring impulses, and fulfilling your will.

Stay grateful

Remember to be grateful for what you have. It might sound like a scolding from your parents, or some new-age platitude, but being grateful is actually very practical.

Being smart with money isn't about being stingy, it's about being prudent. When some people start saving money, they go too far, become a tightwad, trying to get out more than they put in. They might even put strain on their friendships. Money is important, it can never be as important as your relationships.

If you start thinking with the mindset of a miser, you might get all the money in the world and still feel poor. The idea is to feel grateful, and realise that you're already wealthy, to feel the abundance of wealth, but also exercise the restraint of a human comfortable in his wealth, someone who respects the power of money. You can't at once be grateful for something and take it for granted. The more grateful you are, the more you respect it, and the more you learn.

A prudent fiscal strategy is like a beautiful poem - every word and letter in place, every one important, some empowering and some delightful. Every one part of a greater whole, and aligned to its highest purpose.

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Shout outs

I'd like to shout out one young lady who commented on my video last year strongly criticising how I looked, my T-shirt, and even the nail on the bedroom wall behind me. I didn't like the criticism at the time, but that was the grain of sand that stimulated the growth of a pearl. That's a key reason I take so much pride in the appearance of my videos today.

So thanks to all the haters!

Thank you

Thank you for listening to Cryptonomics.

Please, please please please share this with your friends. It means so much to me on a spiritual, emotional sacred devotional level. Please share it, I put this content for free, putting in all the time, effort, thought and experience to make a work of art, a shining holy light of crypto knowledge, given freely and generously in the hopes of a better world.

Almost every time I put out an episode, I come to a point where I think, I could put in a little extra effort to make this video cooler, or I could be lazy and publish it as it is. 99% of the time, I put in that effort. I do that for myself, because I want to create something that exceeds my standards, but I also do it for you guys, to make something more compelling, entertaining and enlightening. You don't have to do anything for me, nothing is owed. But I would love it if you share these videos and podcasts. Thank you so much to those already sharing it. It's pretty amazing when someone listens to what I have to say, and enjoys it so much that they want others to enjoy it too.

Take care, I hope you're enjoying your holidays, and once again, stay grateful.

The Episode

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I think that staying grateful is some of the best advice for life you can have. If you live in a developed country, there is so much to be thankful for by default. It is mind boggling to think that people can complain about their coffee when 1 out of 9 don't have clean drinking water...

Regardless, my mother has always said that money is a funny thing: you never seem to have enough of it, but when you need it, you can find it.

Finding a little bit to save here and there can really add up over time.

Man you are quite informed, and most of the advice is genuine, most of the normal people are not ready to actually understand what you say , they like to classify you as just a lucky guy that is happy and you are not actually responsible for your money :D , is hard to make the choices to be wealthy .

Well done Kurt. Keep the video content coming. - Mark aka Stay Dashy

Thanks Mark, much appreciated

Buenos consejos para un adicto a gastar.
Yo viví ese período de comprar y comprar, aunque no lo necesitara, gastaba mi dinero fácilmente, Tal vez porque tenía mucho trabajo y siempre tenía más y más dinero.
Pude controlar el exceso de gastos al evitar comprar cosas superfluas, Luego decidí viajar con mis hijos en cada periodo vacacional que se presentaba. allí gaste mi dinero con gusto y sin lamentarlo. Lo disfrutamos mucho, conocimos mucho, y tuvimos una vida muy diversificada.
Hoy estoy viviendo la crisis en mi país, Venezuela, es duro, terriblemente duro.
Casi no tengo dinero, Ya no hay trabajos que realizar porque escasea todos los materiales de la construcción , la cual es mi área.
para gastar un Bolívar me cuesta mucho. debo pensarlo bien y entender que con lo que compre no podre comer muchas veces, porque casi todo lo que compro es comida. El precio de la comida subió exorbitantemente, y se hace difícil comprar muchas cosas. he aprendido a comprar poco y reservado. he aprendido a valorizar lo poco que compro, lo poco que gasto....
Aprendí a gastar solo en lo netamente necesario.....
aprendí a vivir con poco.
Aprendí a no exigir nada que no sea necesario.
Aprendí a comer lo que jamás comí.
Aprendí a no desperdiciar.
Aprendí a vivir en austeridad...
duele, duele... pero lo aprendí.

Ayyy que horror. Me duele mucho esuchar de los problemas de Venezuela. Al menos he visto que unas personas han ganado un poco dinero en Steemit.

Ojalá otros escuchen tu lección... la crisis puede pasar en cualquier lado. Vale la pena preparar.

honestly, this is so worth so many upvotes and resteems! you're a man of substance, dude!


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Thanks Cody, thanks for the resteem!

Muy buen contenido, gracias

Educate yourself to live better. It's a concept that speaks to me.
I like your chapter on recognition, it's so true.
I myself adopt financial rules that make me feel much better.
Knowing that we save for a few things, gives even more value when we will be able to concretize our goal.
Going to the end of our thoughts even in moments of weakness gives meaning to everything.
I'm not rich, not really poor, but I like to think that I can achieve things with a lot of desire and patience.
You spoke of a friend monk, I would talk to you about a book that changed my life, "the art of happiness".
upvote and resteem ^^

Appreciated your content, you are a genius storytelling master I ever saw. Keep up a good work bro!

Thanks for the compliment and the resteem. Have a good one

I like your post, I am too the kind of person that sometimes say "Where my money go?", but I am also good at saving, I save some money in a place and some in another, the second IA like a fund for emergencies or similar stuff, saving is important, I am also a grateful person and I try to do not waste too much money on silly things, luckily I'm happy easily with simple stuff.

Always boils down to applying 'delayed gratitude.'

I think you mean "delayed gratification"! Gratitude is for now, gratification is for later

urrggh! i love watching videos like this.. hopefully, i can follow all of your tips! my mantra should be " i am grateful that i have the disciple to make money so i can save money." 🤔🤔🤔

i guess some have a different chronological order...make money, save money, get rich, spend money..hehe

because it's the easiest thing to do, right? the others are so challenging to do unless you have the greatest self-control.

i will do the same most likely.. oh boy! can't keep my eyes off sneakers.. =D

I give you 15 ways that you can start making progress and saving money quickly. Number 1 Look into an exercise pass program through your health insurance provider rather than just paying for the gym. Winston and I did this,and it saved us so much money. Number 2.Or forego the gym altogether! And go to YouTube, we love YouTube, for workout ideas! So instead of going to like a hot yoga class here or a spin class there, those $20 fees can add up. So just YouTube it. Number 3, buy generic vitamins and over-the-counter medicine. Number 4, switch to CFLs or LED lights. Winston did this in our house, so like all of our light bulbs are gonna last for like 5,000 years or something crazy. I'm like Jesus is gonna return, but our lightbulbs will still be working, and that's what's important. Number 5, on weekends, host your friends over for a game night! This is such a great way to have fun with your friends, stay in, not spend money, and even everyone can bring a dish so you can have food, as well! Number 6, stay out of the grocery store. Use online ordering, like Krogers ClickList.This will save you money, cause you know exactly how much money you're gonna spend before you go pick it up. Number 7, buy kids toys at Big Lots. Shout out to cheap toys! This is the best thing ever. We did this with Amelia, and it was great. It like lasted us a whole summer. We got all this stuff. It was fantastic. Number 8, download apps for savings.Like Cartwheel for Target, Ebates,Ibotta, and Coupon Sherpa. My Facebook group, you guys have given us some good info there, so thanks, you guys. Number 9, for a high-priced item that you're buying online, wait overnight. Because when you wait overnight,the impulse lowers and you figure out,okay, do I really wanna buy it? Number 10, buy discounted gift cards. Yeah, it's a real thing. Number 11, change your office hours. Traffic jams can cost you up to $1,200 a year in fuel, and that's a lot of wasted time. Number 12, have a "clean out the pantry" week. Use what you have in your pantry instead of going grocery shopping. Number 13, buy open-box items. Number 14, buy workout clothes at T.J. Maxx or Marshalls. I did this, and it's like the best decision you'll ever make. Number 15, get reflexology instead of a spa day. Okay, spa days can cost you like $200 easily. But reflexology, you can get the most amazing foot rub for $30.If you're thinking, " What is reflexology?" Just know I changed your life. Google it. It's fantastic.

Great post @cryptonomics1 ! this is awesome advice , im terrible at saving as its a constant struggle just to pay bills and rent sense being laid off and collecting employment insurance . but I could never save before that either! love the awesome tips. upped and resteemed, will want to go over this again and check out your video!👍👍👍💲💲💲

Saving is by far the most difficult. My country, Norway, is extremely expensive. One beer is like 10 USD. Also, the tax burden is so high that making money is much harder than in a laissez-faire​ environment.

This is good. Very educative. I just wanna add that saving 5% to 10% of your monthly pay will go a long way in accumulating more than enough for future investments and you won't even notice the difference. Just assume your pay is 5% to 10% less than what you actually earn and plan or spend accordingly. Very doable.....

omg ok ill follow cant share cuz i am banned lol

@cryptonomics1 The conclusion is that "wait, be patient and stay positive" You will get the reward soon.

Thanks a lot!
I will follow your rules!

Get to the safe zone

Amazing Article

Thanks for this man. I would never have known that to have more money to invest I would need to save more, earn more and spend less. Amazing you should win the Nobel prize.

Show me in the post where I said any of those three things.

Save , earn? words seem familiar to you? Pay yourself first? that is on every second instagram post...

If people don't know that they need to set aside some money every month to invest minus bills and cost of living then they should already consider the wisdom of investing in the first place.

Great, let me know when you've read the post and watched the video. Have a good one.

How about get rich first then save money?
We can't save money we don't have.
We can't save money if our money is not enough.
We can't save money if we're not rich.

Oh, I'm confused!
Money, money, money where are you?

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It´s interesting the idea of stay clear and calm to not spend money with unnecessary stuff. Thanks for share.

Muy bueno el articulo, te felicito!

good job friend will support each friend publication.

Great post. Clear as water and truly useful. Thanks for sharing.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @churdtzu
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Will be good 2019!!


I want to learn how to post a video.

Well said ✊✊✊ Keep up the amazing content.

It's sounds easy but the truth it's so hard to save money

Make moredoh

This is so beautiful.
I actually kind of liked it :)
Save some for the rainy days :)

useful content

It is very good for people like me who spend the money very fast xd

Hey guys, steemit all the way, pluge me into quick profit. Thank you for your great vision!!!

Great tips. Thanks

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nice post.i like it.

Money is a funny thing... Can't live without it though

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I totally agree. I believe that the most difficult of them is to pay first and then be able to keep the accounts controlled, in the case of couples where only one works.

chamo yo no soy nada gastador compursivo

Well said! Thank you for a great article. I write about this all the time.

Very very good.

Great post. Cryptocurrency is the future. With today's uncertainty with the stock market and the economy, this is a crucial time to get into the crypto market. Thanks for sharing this.

You always need dry powder to stay afloat and take advantage of depressed asset values.

very good!

muy bien gracias

Hate the fact that it’s so hard to earn money but so easy to spend it all

This type of articles with very valuable for those who would like to incur in the complex subject such as cryptocurrencies.

Very very good.


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great article

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