Trevon James, Craig Grant, and cryptonick sued. Cindicator calling for $400 Billion market cap.

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I love cryptocurrency! I love the community! The fact that we have freedom from any centralized entity or even government makes this community beautiful. But we are quickly seeing that disappear and it's our fault. We need to protect our community from misleading entities and promoters to prevent regulators from having the means to come in an disrupt our community.

While it makes me happy the big promoters of Bitconnect are facing consequences for misleading people, it makes me unhappy that gives regulators one more reason to get involved. It's our responsibility as cryptocurrency investors and enthusiast to call out anything that can harm our community and to protect all of our investors.

Be sure to watch my DTube video by clicking the picture above to see a copy of the class action filling against Bitconnect and its promoters.

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Take care of your baby! Trevon is a crook...... Graig Grant.... lock him up! Cryptonick out of Panama?? Feed him to the snakes!

To be frank, this is the foundation and root issue of capitalism. Greed is considered to be a good thing but it could lead to exploitation (which is a bad thing right?) . As you stated, regulation will always bound to happen. I am a realist on that and the question is always about degree.. I think the best question to ask is if regulation is necessarily a bad thing when we can't even regulate among our peers? I look historically during the Industrial period where you get the writings of Upton Sinclair (The Jungle) and the term, "Robber Barons", you could see that capitalism does go too far (even the Renaissance period).. Capitalism goes in cycle but it does eventually lead to exploitation.. That is what we are seeing in some degree in cryptocurrency. We could say the same thing with PnD coins that is pushing cryptocurrency to regulation...

I am not pushing regulation but it is, at times, beneficial. I look at EPA in the 70s that standardize clean water (some might disagree but it did its job; though there are some things I do not agree with the EPA)... Either case, I just wanted to give another perspective.. But I concur, if we can't self-regulate.... Well, then this is bound to happen and historically..... It always seem to happen.. The question is degree...

I always enjoy reading your comments. Your always good about taking the information I provide and either taking it a step further or showing another side of the story to help understand things in their entirety. Your point is valid. Regulation to some degree is not always a bad thing.

I got sidetracked by my employer last night and today... I will check with Korea and the Asian market.. I know a big news came out of RobinHood and brought it up.. It is a cloud-trading platform (hint hint since you know my background and they are going into the crypto with their app... Insight of RobinHood - - US customers only since it needs to be validate who you are .. They are low or free transaction fee.. I use it for my stock purchases.. Also, use a referral if you are a new customer and you get a free share).... I know the crypto part is in there but cryto trading is not available yet it seems... I like Robinhood)...

This could actually compete with Coinbase for ease of use buying and selling of crypto...

Hello cryptokristof, iv'e heard you talk about Mastercoin Plus and Bitconnect and I feel the same way about them. I had put some money in with USI Tech about a month before they jumped ship. It looks like they are working hard to come back to the states and make things write. I would love to keep the money with them and finish the run that I first set out to do. I'm just a little leery with leaving my coin with them. I'm curious of your thoughts on USI Tech.

I think that's the foundation and root of "crony" capitalism. This is in contrast to a true free market with everyone competing (don't like working for this guy, go work for the next). All the greed/exploitation comes about when there is ironically a lot of regulation (i.e. high business tax) - you end up with a couple of monopolies (the only ones who can afford the tax) pretending to compete, raking in the profits and leaving employees begging to keep their job (becomes an employers market). This is why I actually don't mind Trump - he appears to want to bring back that competition with minimal regulation so that everyone wins (I could be wrong though).

I'm not smart on this stuff though and may have missed your point. End of the day some regulation ("the question of degree") might be useful.

LMAO! wow the feds are coming

Thats not joke.

On this issue I honestly blame the government. I only put in a couple hundred bucks because it didn't think it would work but it was worth a shot, I didn't expect the government FUD. They "protected" me out of $200. My house is paid for, I didn't bet the farm, and those that did I feel sorry for. Every time I put any money into anything I consider it gone unless and until I realize a profit. People need to be accountable for their actions. Class action lawsuit means lawyers get paid and the rest of us get a check for around $10. Learn from the mistake and move on.

Great video. I'm sure crisscrossing my fingers a big chunk of money goes into the cindicator coin. Any feelings on the verge coin? I heard it forked and from watching it , Its been fading down the list. Hope your kid gets well

About damn time

Nothing of substance to say, but I'm going to comment - because that's what we do here (and this somewhat concerns me regarding this platform as it becomes more popular). People aren't rewarded for their time on Youtube, so they're actually more likely to leave something of value (why would they waste their time otherwise?). With a financial incentive (DTube), I can just see this place being spammed-out and chan operators allowing it & up-voting because they're reaping the gains of a gazillion comments. I guess everyone profits (and DTube gets the traffic) but the community value is going to decline. Is my thinking flawed? Video is solid btw, and I'm going to read into it as usual.

In order to spam you have to invest A LOT OF MONEY into the platform. Not to mention everytime you get down voted you lose money. So I am not sure. What your saying makes sense on the surface.

This has been a long time coming for those guys. The strange thing for me was the biggest thing that pissed me off was their thumbnails. Anybody with an ounce of common sense knew they were frauds.

I agree with you. I tried a couple times to watch Grant but just struggled every time!!! I just couldn't get past his pampas arrogant ass!!!! So yes your correct it has been a long time coming for these guys. But at least these are out of our hair!!!

Thanks for introducing me to Steemit :)

Good enough! Lots of fluids!

Release the Kraken! You got a 27.03% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @cryptokristof!

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We all going to learn this together .

Thats right. We don't lose, we learn.

A 400B Cap would be scary! The law suit thing, I am not sure how I feel about them being targeted like that. Does it mean that everyone that took affiliate money can be liable as well? Is affiliate the problem with model? Does making 100 versus 100,000 in affiliate marketing save you from this suit?

From what I understand, anyone who did any affiliate marketing is vulnerable because nobody was FTC (Federal Trade Commission) compliant. I think that the lower level players have nothing to worry about due to the fact they never bragged about getting rich off of other peoples affiliate money.

That's the problem of greed and being an affiliate for shitty products. On one hand i feel bad for the victims but on the other hand, they sort of had it coming by following these shills. To be fair to the shills, it wasn't like they were hiding how much they were making.

That is a solid point. Thanks for sharing.


Brief overview of cryptocurrency markets and market cap. Pop star Katy Perry posts her crypto nails on her instagram. Rapper 50 cent just found out he is a crypto millionaire. Stock market app, Robinhood, is going to start selling 2 cryptocurrencies in 5 states with no trading fees. The Square cash app has expanded its beta bitcoin program to new users. Both Robinhood and Square Cash will be competing with Coinbase. There are a few big YouTubers getting sued for their involvement advertising and endorsing Bitconnect. I give my thoughts on buying BitconnectX tokens vs hodling BCC tokens. Twitter is a great source for Verge XVG news.

400 billion dollar market cap and new all time highs? How does that even make sense? unless all the coins not in the top 100 just disappear

The Cindicator bot is becoming more and more sought out by larger investors and traders. You have to have 1,000,000 CND in order to get access to the pro features. This bot has an uncanny ability to get things right. And its currently calling for the market to hit $400billion before Feb 28th and then proceed to an all time high. How this happens? I have no idea. It could be wrong. Lets see.

CND bot might be Right!

Well this is a bull bear cycle that all assets go through over a given period of time. It looks like we’re in the last phase of the red on the BTC Daily chart. So one more swoop down to clear the weak hands, COULD very well play out........

My radar has the same forecast, low pressure till Feb 18 then we will ride the thermal. ;)

Glad I've found some telegram groups that know what they're doing and can give me coin signals that always go up. Also glade they aren't pump and dump groups