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After calculation will recompile BTB coin properties of total BTB sold with 10% Premined to deliver highest profits for my bitbase investors. BTB coin value certainly will be above the $7+ mark per BTB coin on We are going to rock soon!, I am preparing the btb blockchain and 3 exchangers Coinexchange - Yobit & followed by Livecoin.

Bitbase= the best i.c.o 

Buy BTB coin at $0.30 soon sell for above $7..if you look at a coin like regal coin at $12 per coin which has no team no roadmap no purpose ect and is doing so well :-) Investors you will make it here on Bitbase. Everything here is planned to make Bitbase investors make a good living and support escrow based technology. I will myself will pump more than half of total raised back into the coin exchangers to make it more exciting and valuable.. Lets focus on bitbase in the coming days.

After all i want all my investors to make serious money here on bitbase and support bitbase escrow technology project.

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