Wondering about the History of Bitcoin ? ? ?

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Who is the World SuperPower Today ?

MONEY, what is the use of having FIVE Thousand Neuclear Weapons if you cannot use them ???

MONEY is essential to modern Life in any " Civilization " that ' deserves ' to be reasonably called Civilized . . .

December 2016 Bitcoin = US $ 750 ;

March 2017 Bitcoin MATCHES price with Physical Gold Metal , the most valuable MONEY in popular usage in Recorded Human History ! ! !

June Bitcoin tops THREE THOUSAND Dollars of the MOST powerful Fiat Banknote in the Known World ; The US$ ...

There is a NEW Money in Town Folks , it is called BiTCOiN ! ! !

This new technology is as Alien to 99% of the population as FiRE was to the Neanderthals ; but FiRE " caught on " and so MUST Bitcoin :)

This NEW Industry ( cryptocurrency ) ; well , how much is it worth ?

Bitcoin is a word almost NO ONE has ever heard of ( 99% of the Population ) ; Bitcoin is ALREADY worth over FORTY FiVE BiLLiON Dollars . . .

The other over three thousand five hundred cyrptocurrencies ( AltCoins) are worth a similar figure, not sure = no checked lately :)

Why have I not checked ? I leave all this up to the Hobbyists and Professionals who describe themselves as something like Advanced Applied Theoretical Cryptographers or whatever they call themselves ...

Personally I have NO Clue what they really do and NOR do I CARE ; TODAY I am NOW my own Bank and I am 99% invested into Crypto ! ! !

I even own an Altcoin called BioBOT as my personal cryptocurrency :)

Welcome to The Matrix , there is NO Longer any option of taking the ' Blue Pill ' if you wish to Live in a major population centre . . .

EVERYONE WiLL have to " swallow the RED Pill " , soon people will have no reasonable free choice ; crypto WiLL SOON Take over all major financial marketplaces ...

Welcome to The Future & the FUTURE was YESTERDAY ! ! !

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