does anyone even read the mainstream gutter press anymore ???

in #money4 years ago (edited)

seriously i just read some dribble about cryptocurrencies failing or some other innane waffle . . .

i do understand people get paid to submit a story one per week or whatever schedule they have, by why does many of those stories about crypto like bitcoin seem to have less basis for fact than a batman script ?

bitcoin has been around now for ever nine years and has been mainstream money for a couple of years, so how can finance writers talk crypto down one week and then once they take their schizophrenia medication start saying crypto is doing well and has huge potential ...

i mean when i read a comic strip i read to be entertained, but when i read these stories i just get confused since clearly the writer/s has no clue what they are writing about.

if your going to go get an education (even a psydo free education ) should not your time and effort invested not be rewarded by having a presenter there who has some remote clue of the topic and subject matter ? ? ?

i am starting to think many journalists are now about as useful and relevant as many politicians.

Now we got teachers dating their students, therapists fondling their patients, doctors performing sub-quality treatments and getting to keep their licences, priests touching kids and probably farmers touching animals, who knows what people are going to believe in within a few decades ( sorry ; i meant , months ) . . .

I mean what next ? honest politicians :(

crypto at least has the respectability of not caring about humanity, just a huge bunch of computers blabbing to each other ! ! !

Come on computers BRING it ON ! Terminate us in a Judgement Day :)

[ do not believe me, some weather reports / forecasts and sports writeups are now being written entirely by artificial intelligence due to the company that created that software technology ] . . .

the main thing i am not looking forward to is the day you accidentally try and overdraw your account an the computer decides to ZAP you with electricity simply for wasting its time :)

/ Hugz ;)


I have followed you on Steemit, please be kind enough to follow me as well.

what is your game plan for using steemit ? what do you like to post about ?

i like to post about life's little ironies and my hobby's such as crypto and chess . . .

what would you PAY a website to display or communicate ???

once you have your reasonable topic then all you got to do is ' spin ' it enough on steemit to money it up ...

first rule on steemit , try and be nice and helpful ,

second rule on steemit , keep it fun for you ! ! !

/ Hugz ;)


How do i increase my authority? I have now 25. How did you got yours to 60?