Bitcoin and cryptocurrency price corrections and predictions . . .

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Firstly Bitcoin has never been truly overvalued, BTC was never in a " bubble " simply because crypto has a real life purpose as a brand new technology , ie. the blockchain.

it is very amusing watching the snake oil sales people and market manipulators talking about ' bubbles ' after watching how they " rigged " and ' misused ' their centralized control and rules making powers to " rip " people off. Well it would be amusing but looking that the harm hey have done is certainly not amusing at all.

Let us consider the facts, bitcoin in one year has increased over eight hundred percent, to its current level of todays price. what price increase have you seen on Real Estate, Gold, your bank account or stock market investments ??? So i would ask where is the best place for you to have some investments ???

Since these traditional vehicles have almost no measurable performance it is very hard for those to be " in bubble territory " Sure bitcoin is not backed by the word of a politician. Bitcoin is subject to the " natural " ' law of supply and demand ' of economics. Anyone who thinks in the next recession that government will consider your individual needs over the needs of the many is simply delusional. In fact anyone who thinks the needs of the many is going to override self interest is a moron of the highest order ! ! !

Always remember those writing and reporting about crypto are paid to write words. So never think there is any actual genuine useful intelligence behind their stories. They have no more ability to predict the future than a politician does, they are occasionally able to write about the past, but who does that help?

Everyone should be into cryptocurrency for the future so make your own informed decisions and trust no one. In fact most crypto articles and centralized mass media reports only confuse the situation and many white papers released are plagiarized.

To put it another way, never risk more than you can afford to lose and never buy into any iCO. iCO's are the novel get rich quick schemes, sure there are real ico's out there but whom knows which are real or what the unknown future holds ???

I think your best ' bet ' is to simply back a real proven performer already in this new market place and wait for steady growth. Remember stakeholders such as whales and developers have a lot of motives for hype and fud, so probably best to ignore them ! ! !

Enjoy crypto and blockchain technology and know that at least here it is a far more level and fair money game than the rigged centralized systems of the past. In fact it is human nature for those who have invested into their own rigged monopolies for centuries to fear change and disseminate lies when their futures might involve more work for less rewards. This effect is increased when they have their own propaganda machinery already in place...

Remember the only good bank, is a dead bank ! ! ! :)

/ Hugz ;)


I really loved the article. Every now and then false rumours are being spread in the market that leads to correction. I see most ICO ads on Facebook claiming themselves to be the next Bitcoin and show dreams to x10 your money after the ICO.

People should stay away from such claims and better research before investing in the technology.

What is the point of making 10 times your money on an iCO when only one in ten iCO's has a genuine chance to succeed ?

there are huge promises made and only blind luck it will all be manageable in the future.

Facebook and twitter have allegedly banned much crypto stuff , but that is to be expected from such commercially driven stakeholder centralized entities. Anyone remember Myspace and Yahoo, progress and change are good when they aim to fight back against the malignant vermin who have robbed the poor to greed the rich ! ! !

Way to keep up the faith. :)

steemit and crypto are awesome times to be involved in , glad to be alive in such environs ! ! !

/ Hugz ;)

steemit and crypto are awesome

anyone noticing the concerted actions of regulators, governments, politicans, hedge funds, bankers, social media banning advertising, mass media FuD reporting, non-informed crypto reporters and credit card companies anti-cryptocurrency actions.

Once crypto defeats these enemies of de-centralization the climb will resume, since no modern government can even try and run their own countries in the modern world i do not think crypto has much to worry about from such charlatans . . .

About the only thing they report accurately is that most iCO's are scams, pity they do not use the ink to expose insider trading and modern banking practices...