Why you need to power-up right now...

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Why you need to power-up right now

Go to your wallet right now.
Just do it.

Get a good luck at your Steem power...
Ok, remember the number.
Got it?

Now refresh the page...

Do it again...


Notice anything?

The value is increasing! These pictures were take seconds apart from each other, which means I am making Steem at every moment, for doing nothing!

Here is a quote from the white-paper:

Because Steem wants to encourage long-term growth, it is hardwired to allocate 9 STEEM to Steem Power (SP) stakeholders for every 1 STEEM it creates to fund growth through contribution incentives. Over time this drives the ratio of the total STEEM value of Steem Power balances to the total of STEEM balances toward 9:1 . (It seems likely that the ratio will be somewhat greater than 9:1 due to continued net Powering Up of the newly printed STEEM.) It also means that long-term holders are almost completely protected from the dilution used to fund growth.

This means that 90% of all Steem created is allocated to Steem power!

Pretty cool huh?

The amount of Steem you have will not only the increase, but so will the value of Steem.
As more and more users begin to join, Steem's value will increase.

And if last night is evidence of anything... it's got a lot of potential:

What are you waiting for?!?

Time is of essence!
Get out there and power up that Steem!
The magic powers of interest and supply-demand are waiting for you!

Have fun, and happy Steeming :)


Right you are. Great discovery, good to know.

Great Advice just powered up Again!

This is only my second day and i will try anything to get more steem! I will certainly give it a try! Woot woot!! 🚈🚉

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