My lead gen secret review

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My lead gen secret review

The video inside this blog is my own upload from youtube and is my own fair unbiased review based upon my present experience of My lead gen secret..

If you would like to use the my lead gen secret then please go over to the description inside of youtube upload and click on the first link, My lead gen secret..

If you are wondering what is the my lead gen secret or you might be a bit skeptical of the my lead gen secret or maybe you have already brought the my gen secret and you have not figured out how to use it to its full potential then this my lead gen secret review is definatly for you..

Who will the My lead gen secret benefit?

If you are an affiliate marketer maybe you are marketing or advertising a product from Jvzoo, Clickbank, Warrior Plus or you give away free trials or have a ow priced ticket up to the value of $100 and you are struggling to get traffic (eye balls) to your offer. You may have discovered that the cost of solo ads is beyond your budget especially if you have started out because the cost of just getting one decent click to your opportunity is going to cost between 40 and 50 cents and my lead gen secret offers a very competitive much cheaper alternative.

What is the cost of My lead gen secret?

You pay a one time set up fee of $60 with an optional one time upgrade of $30. You are given access to a platform that delivers 100 USA opportunity seekers every 24 hours who have expressed an interest in making money online. Using the built in mailer, you have the ability to mail out to an unlimited number of emails that are uniquely sent to you so you can use your own email swipes to your campaigns. Month two and onwards this service actaully only costs $30 per month. No Brainner!

You can also affiliate with the product itself and take advantage of the my lead gen secret compensation plan which is where the additional $30 upgrade would be useful as this includes an extra pre written email swipes to be used for either promoting the product or you can still quite simpy adopt these to your own campaigns. please note that the standard does include 10 pre written swipes but again if you are not very experienced at writing high converting emails then the upgrade is advisable to take when you set up as that upgrade does double in price should you choose to take that option later.

Are the my lead gen secret leads scrapped?

Scrapping emails in simple terms is where people use software to search things like social media platforms to discover thousands of emails related to targeted niches, which is not the tactic that this program uses as these are not leads and have not shown any interest in looking at making money online opportunities. What my lead gen secret does in simple terms is actually something called lead splitting so the easiest way to explain is these leads come from lists of people who already have genuine opportunity seekers and these lists are loaned out. Please see the sales page for a more in depth explanation.

The My lead gen secret compensation plan is fully explained within this video and on the sales page and one of the things I do like about it is that once your commissions reach a minimun of $30, you can submit for a payment which is paid either by PayPal Bitcoin or cheque and it is almost instant pay outs. Again you will see 100% proof of my first withdrawel in the video.

The 100 leads thats you get every 24 hours from my lead gen secret will double to 200 per day if you have recommended the platform to just one active member making it a further no brainer because now you are getting 6000 leads per day 72,000 a year and you can even download these or keep them in your back office as yours to promote any product that you want but again your most effective results will come from promoting the things as discussed already or the actual program itself.

Is My lead gen secret mobile friendly?

Absolutly, so it will not matter where you are it will only take you a mater of 5 minutes at the most to send out an email campaign to your list..

For further details about the My lead gen secret please watch the video and maybe take advantage of the further free trials I have added that will compliment this system.

Again the video upload is from my youtube channel please feel free to subscribe for further Tips Tricks and Techniques to help your business grow :)

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