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Why Wealth Doesn't Transfer Through The Glass Ceiling

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Can't say I know a thing about Sweden or how people live there

But personally I've never been a fan of we get "free" this and "free" that. Free normally comes at a larger cost than it ever would for the individual to buy it and in my experience, free stuff is normally shit quality

I'm a big believer in people know what's best for them and putting more money in peoples pockets is never a bad thing.

Tax is wealth centralisation and the majority of the money doesn't make it to those who need it or who we're told its used for. From our side, we also get pretty much taxed to hell but we don't have a middle class like Sweden to support all those who aren't working so that money can't provide for basic services

Scandinavian countries are always seen as the example of how taxes can work, but I don't think it works for every country there are more factors than just taking peoples money and telling them we know how better to use your money than you do

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Thats Good thoughts. Now I take three-free-screen Days! Back and monday!

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what are free screen days? Do All Swedes only work 4 days a week?

Ha ha ha. No we work 40 hours. 8 hours Times 5 Days.
IF we want 100% salury.

But I have My own Company . So I have My rules.
Rule 1. If you are celebrating 40 years you get One Free day.

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Screen Free day. No computer or smartphone. Just a book about Bitcoin.
Thats it.

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