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The stock goes ex-dividend on or about the 11th or 12th of the month. You should have some shares going into this date to collect the dividend.
smhd div.PNG

Start buying this ETF after the ex-dividend date and watch the capital gains grow and grow. I did all this with a small investment of 450 shares.


I also had some SMHD in my wife's retirement account KER POW!


Why using those risky assets leveraged into the heavens? Just selling your vote will bring you 35% a year, fully automated.

I have build a Lichello Bot, connected to my wallet.

It uses steem as my stock, steempower as portfolio control, and SBD as cash. I use 80%-20% with 5% safe on both sides on 25% cash I siphon 5% out of cash into bitcoin, and 5% I powerup raising portfolio control to rebalance.

I sell my vote so I get a money supply with portfolio control into the system. The curation rewards will raise portfolio control slowly to create leverage.

Starting 2019 we will enter a 9 year bull market... So lets see what Lichello can do for me... So I am preparing for 2019 to run it the coming 9 years non stop fully automated...

I am powering down all my steempower now, make it liquid, so that the system can start from scratch and rebalance my wallet, I suspect, around 500 steempower, 500 steem and 125 sbd will be my starting position.

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